Friday , August 23 2019
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In Croatia, 45 people died of flu

In Croatia, more than 28,600 people with influenza have been registered by January 27, and 45 people have died from the disease and complications according to the data received so far, published in Zagreb.

HThe National Institute for Public Health indicated that the age range was from seven to 96 years, more than half of the dead, 25 of them are 65 years old and older, with one or more chronic diseases.

The most reported cases of influenza, around 11,100, last week show that the peak of the epidemic, which usually lasts for several weeks, is approaching, and then the number of patients is gradually decreasing.

Most patients were registered in Zagreb and, unlike last year, when the type B virus prevailed, the influenza virus A H1N1 prevailed this year.

"The number of deaths and deaths is very high and we now have about 30,000 reported diseases that can actually be multiplied by four, which means that we are talking about nearly 120,000 infected people," said Jutarnji from the National Influenza Center on the list.

This brochure indicates that the highest number of deaths and complications so far has been recorded last year, in total 35.

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