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HUSBAND IN PRISTENCE OF CONSEQUENCES: Serbs can not find the grave of their loved ones | Serbia


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2018. 03. 03. 14:38> 18:51 |

In the cemetery of Pristina, in the largest orthodox cemetery in Kosovo and Metohija, hundreds of Serbs visited today on the plateau of their loved ones on the plain of Crete.

Serbs who fled from surrounding towns, as well as residents of Belgrade and Nixen, have seen the orthodox cemetery in Kosovo today, partly cleansed and partially covered with weeds, and some have not found the tombs of their loved ones.

Dry plants, candles and fast growing flames caused fire, but the believers who were there successfully fired out the fire so as not to spread.

As in previous years, this priest Sasa Mitrovic also served as a retired, apparently disappointed that the cemetery is in this state, RTK2 reported.

"The picture of the cemetery is in a bad state, it is sad that the cemetery has not yet been cleaned, part of the cemetery is cleaned and the other remains in the weeds, God changes this image and I ask people not to send the relatives of their relatives to Central Serbia not good, not their will, those who buried here do not do good to themselves, so the traces of the Serbian people in Pristina will be removed, "he said.

"I can not find the tomb of the grave for years, the little child was buried there, he shares with the Catholic cemetery, so the road is clean, so I burn candles here, two rows under my parents, no trees, this desire and I think that I can not become healthier and I can not forgive myself today, always the same story, the same picture, nothing new, nothing changes, this is very sad and difficult, "says Juliana Stanojević, who came from Mladenovac.

Dragan Kostic from Nis says he is coming twice year after year and always the same. "I have my father, my grandmother, my grandfather, my aunt, my uncle and I can not leave, I have to go to the code that leads to another grave to light a candle, sad," he says.

"If I knew I would not have been in such circumstances, I started the candle in Niš before I came here, I lit a candle and could not turn my candle on my father and mother," says Slavica Vranic, who lives in Nis.

"I could never get to the tomb because it was not cleansed, the clarification of the monuments was broken again, what is the sign? Why do we hope to return, to whom do we turn to such a thing?" Vranic said.

Although part of the cemetery is cleansed, there are many weeds in many places, so many people could not get to the returnees' tombs.

"It is only the beginning to see and save nothing on their backs, they have never been cleaned before people visit it, and when they shoot to be clean, cleaned up, they can not be out of thorns, says Ljubomir Ničić Ugljar.

"I will come to visit his ancestors, not just them, because there is great fear in the Serbian people, many do not visit the graves of their ancestors, I bring candles to them, and the tombs of my soldiers and the French and the grave of Danijela Prlinčević were only a year old when he died – says Živko Živković.

In addition to the Serbs in Pristina's cemetery, members of other nations were also buried.

"There are Russian Catholics, there is a new Jewish cemetery, and behind us there is a souvenir for the great warriors, the great Solanian and hundred-year-old famous Trajko Dimitrijevic," said Radmila Vulicevic.

Although the local government has a duty to maintain the cemetery, believers say they are not fulfilling their obligations. Organized transportation was also in the cemetery, Obilic and Kosovo Polje.

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