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How to prevent eating habits and what happens if they happen in any case?

If you are among those who have "no event" on the dark days and then have a stomach and headache during the day, take tips that will help you truly enjoy the dark days without further problems.

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Photo: photographee.eu/depositphotos.com

Photo: photographee.eu/depositphotos.com

Make a list before buying

As the stores are packed with seductive food, it is best to stick to pre-prepared lists and put just what you really need in the basket.

Eat slowly

Before you say, take each bite carefully and wait for the food to settle. Be aware of the food that is around you and what it encourages to eat. Whether it is a chocolate box, a Vedic table, or a frost, and baking on the glory, think about the second time before filling the plate.

Combine food

It is advisable to relax for at least an hour after your hands and then get to the dessert only. Meanwhile, don't try the whole balance, you decide on one.

Make the classic menu healthier. For example, instead of cheeses and dried meat products, snacks are made only for projector and vitamin salads.

Instead of using different sauces and "salad" and roll products, your table will have more and more vegas. Do not place the dried meat in the casing, but add oil with pepper or other greens before the end of cooking. Eat meat like a bite.

Decide on one alcoholic pie – or aperitif or alcohol with food, not one or the other.

Physical activity

Create a family with an occupation that includes joint physical activity. At the same time you can have fun, but also spend calories. Also, take a short ebay before your hand or get up an hour and rub. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Dip the dust and turn the moon

Bitter ingredients promote digestion. So after eating, several chamois, anise or cinnamon grains are made. There are good drops of butter and butter. It is also important to soothe your stomach and promote your work so that the food gets into the intestine quickly. This is done with the help of kahitsa matinaka in the Cuban Age or with drops of bitter herbs, chimneys, chamomile, henna and matine.

You always have the right to be binding on your parent. It will also help with tablets that neutralize the acid, and the best is a combination of magnesium and aluminum.

Leave the hangover

If you still like a lot of drink, watch that you have a good night's sleep and you have plenty of freshness, fresh wine juice and vitamin C. Hot and cold watering is also effective.

If you still go …

After overeating, avoid alcohol, oily and greasy foods, carbonated pies, and foods with a large amount of food. Put enough zinc, several almonds, urethane and dry apricots. Also, probiotic yoghurt, vegetable orbits, compotes, barrels and salads can help reduce your inflammation. For better welding, it is recommended to drink espresso coffee or aj from noodles or nuts.

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