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Here's who is trying to organize protests in Mladenovac!


01-31.2019 19:37

Dejan Cokic, founder of Djilas, Jeremic and Obradovic Alliance, is organizing protests for the second consecutive week in Mladenovac.

Invite to protest

Call to protest, Photo: screenshoot / Facebook

How many Cokic, formerly president of Mladenovac Municipality, was looking for the well-being of citizens and how many personal pockets are best known to Mladenovci, and this is evidenced by many criminal charges against Cokic.

A number of unions are involved in Čokić's name, which calls on Mladenovčane to arrive at the social networks via social networks, and since 2012, all the Mladenovac municipal services pumped the fuel to its own pump using the Anti-Corruption Agency's recommendation. for his dismissal and sentenced to eight months of imprisonment or a year's imprisonment because of the lack of enormous property he owns and which has, according to charity stories, started in the meantime.

In addition to numerous inquiries about his corruption in the municipal coffers, the prosecutor's office, inter alia, issued a charge against Chokić for abusing his official position on the illegal disposal of equipment at Koraćička Banja, especially in the pupil's board room and at MZ Vlaška's premises.

It was said that Chokic sold them to third parties. And this is just some of the millions of heavy millions of abuse Chokic contacted.

The dilemma is whether Cokic really takes care of Mladenovci or tries to deceive them again in order to seize the municipal cash registers and continue to fill their pockets simply does not exist.

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