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He has 16 lives in Serbian hands Republika Srpska

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January 31, 2019 08:28 |

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Effects of acute infection this season: 6 people died, 99% of whom were chronic illnesses, and none were vaccinated against influenza. No need to declare an epidemic

The Principle of the Epidemiology Service of the Public Health Institute of the Republic of Slovenia Nina Rodič of Vukmir said that since the start of the season, 16 people died of severe acute respiratory infections, 99% of which were chronic diseases and no one was vaccinated against influenza.

Wukmirova said that 209 severe acute respiratory infections were reported last week in Srpsk and a total of 234 since the start of the season.

According to her, last week nine people died from the consequences of severe acute respiratory infections, and finally from yesterday's 16th day, and that they are mostly people living in middle and older people.

– Those who have been vaccinated this season will have a good degree of protection, because the genetic sequence in Europe has shown that it is a circulating virus that we vaccinated, so the level of protection is really good – said Vukmirova.

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So far, 10,980 influenza-like illnesses have been registered in Srpska, but they are not serious symptoms to be treated in a hospital.

"There is no need to declare an epidemic because it is less than one percent of the total population in the Republic of Srpska," said Wukmirova.

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She says a person can get a vaccine, it takes 10 days for the development of immunity, but in the meantime can get sick. Considering that there is no longer a vaccine, Wukmirova stressed that this season was of great interest for the flu vaccine and that it is appropriate to administer the vaccine in October, November and December.

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