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Forest man finds missing skeleton suspected of being brutally murdered Chronicle

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November 13, 2018 14:08> 16:24 |

Last weekend, a Kosturu woman was found in Westside Village. As we got to know, the body was found by a forest guard

DRAGASCEVO – KOSTUR women were found last weekend in the forest in Dragachev village Veles. As we found out, the body was found by a forest guard who was even more terrified with the scene when he saw that the woman was emptied in the head and that there were no lower limbs. According to a wardrobe, a baggage cell and a mobile phone near the corpse, it was found that Guca was Snezana Miletic (59), who lost relatives during the past 5 September. The case was immediately reported to the police, and an autopsy was subsequently prompted to determine the cause of the death of an accidental woman and, according to the first assumptions, is likely to be the cause of death.

The family immediately reminded us of the suspicion that Snezana had experienced a tragedy as it disappeared under very suspicious circumstances. In particular, she found deadly that her forest, located four kilometers from Guzas and in her mother's inheritance, illegally crossed the person. One of the neighbors was taken to Snezan's prohibition, and he continued his work.

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– They told her that people from Kraljev arrived in the woods that they came to the forest with a royal sign and that they started to stop. She was convinced of it, because a moment ago each trace had disappeared to her cousins ​​with a cell phone, said one of Snegan's relatives.

The unsuccessful search for Snowmaker was a long day finding hunters, hunters, policemen with trackers, relatives and friends, but nothing yielded results.

The forest in which it was found is far from the ban. She was a heart disease, and she could not cross such a great path. We suspect that someone killed her and then left her in the left dead body. Because no beast can squeeze out the head and legs in the forest and take them. We've searched all parts of this forest, but there are no skulls and limbs, "said Snezan's neighbors who were on the search.

She was snow, her relatives told us she was a very good woman, she had no conflict, nor did she ever insult anyone. She had a son, Milan and daughter Mila. They are both family members.


Ivan Carič, Cacak senior prosecutor, said that the human body was found in the forest near the village of Vele, but did not indicate that they were the remains of women who were missing a year ago, but this has not yet been clarified.
– It is true that the remains of a human carcass were found, but what is still to be determined and in what circumstances was death, or whether it was violent. The one who is going to work has yet to prove it. DNS needs to be done and the message will be available at that time. Only then will we know what it is, – said Zarič.

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