Saturday , July 24 2021

DOESN'T GET THE CHANNEL OF MILAN'S CALINISTS RED STARS AND PARTIZAN: Here's how the first red and white man commented on the derby scandal (VIDEO) | Sports

NEVER FUCK ON THE MILAN'S CALINITIS SITES ON THE RED STARS AND PARIS: Here's how the first man in red and white commented on the derby scandal (VIDEO)

Photo: Kurir Sport, Beta / Branislav Božić

The fight took place just before the start of the "Alexander Nicholas" Hall in connection with the venue of VIP Lodge.

The event was also attended by politician Dragan Sutanovac, who tried to calm Calinika and separate him from the fans of Dalibor Krkovich.

The first red and white man Nebojsa Covic commented on the scandal about the Red Star and Partizan game.

"I condemn this incident and do not support such action," he said. "Everything now follows law, laws and other measures." As you have seen, it did not affect the Red Star victory, "said Nebojsa Covic.

"There was no change in the chair, there were no mistakes in the Red Star organization, and there were no security failures," said Covic.

"I was present and I saw how much I could see from where I was sitting, but I noticed what happened. After all, I do not support it and I think it is ugly, but if something is softening circumstance, it happened in the "family", and I don't think it can be an easier circumstance, but let's look at other colors, it's not black and white, and now that you turn everything in color, green and red, "is a picture of the first red and white people. / kurir sports


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