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Cuban magicians in Serbia: A new vaccine will treat the most dangerous children in the disease


In Belgrade, scientists consider Cuba to be its national treasure. They are lecturers at the Havana School of Medicine who work at the scientific institutions to participate in vaccine research on all types of cancers that have had a more prolonged lifestyle due to the most serious illness in Cuba.

Dr. Reno Sespedes is a child's oncologist and pediatrician of the Oncology and Radiology Institute and Dr. Anabeli Estevez Garcia is a researcher at the La Pradera International Health Center.

Serbian patients are known for the Cuban vaccine, which reduces and prolongs life with lung cancer until the age of 12 years, but it is notorious that Cuban oncologists have managed to use this drug in patients with primary central nervous system tumors, epithelial head and neck tumors, esophagus and pancreatic cancer.

Dr. The Sespedes team has made impressive progress in the treatment of brain cancer and central nervous system in children. Since children did not have the same protein as adults, they did not react to cimarex, one of the drugs that produced great results. But their molecular biology studies have shown that some major central nervous system tumors still respond to the use of this drug. There is one group of children who has the most benefit: they are children with gliomas and tumors in the brain that determines breathing, cardiovascular function, digestive tract activity and regulates body temperature, explains Dr. Sespedes

"Nodular, implanted tumors were treated with radiation because they could not be operated. Only 10 percent of these children would have been ill with a disease for at least two years." We did a study to find out if we could treat gliomas. "We noticed that by emitting a monoclonal antibody , some children respond well but do not let them. However, we have reached about 50% survival for up to 2 years. We hope this is the first time this kind of control can be achieved. Russia is very interested in this study, we want to working together with the vaccine ", reveals this famous physician.

He adds that Canada and the US are interested in further research. Severe, old children from America have somehow got to the vaccine and have received good results in treatment. Although the relationship between Cuba and the United States is specific, scientists are still able to connect with all the problems, so I hope we will help many in this country and around the world, says Dr. Garcia.

"We are currently working with the Roosevel Park Institute. For several years now, we have been involved with the Institute of Molecular Biology and have studied the cancer vaccine, and recently we have signed an agreement to promote research." There are no problems here, but scientists are leading their policies. , which is a friendly country throughout history, we have a great deal of cooperation. A year ago, we all provided clinical trials to each other. They are very interested in our biotechnological achievements and products for the treatment of various diseases. The goal is to improve scientific cooperation and organize the production of vaccine in Russia, "says Dr. Garcia

She is one of Cuban's advanced drugs for immunotherapy, and not just the lung cancer vaccine that is best known in Serbia. Doctors in Havana very well use this therapy for other types of cancers.

"When it comes to prostate cancer, the treatment is before the registration, so we can not yet show the results to the world. I am talking about" cimaher. "It is a humanized monoclonal antibody created against the epidermal growth factor receptor. It is a researcher explored, not just in Cuba. It is a major cancerogenesis pathway, a mechanism that affects the formation of malignant cells. Lek has excellent performance that greatly affects these receptors. We helped patients with primary central nervous system tumors, head and neck epithelium tumors, esophagus and pancreatic cancer. was used in lung tumors in non-malignant cells, "says Dr Garcia.

Another wonder of Cuban oncologists is "cimavac" – medicines that are registered for lung cancer in stages 3B and 4. It has shown good results in the treatment of colon and rectum cancer, but only in metastases.

These wizards, as they are called the patients we met in the region they live in Belgrade, say that Cuba is a poor country, but the international health care system has been the foremost place for research on oncology for years.

Cuba is famous worldwide for the vaccine, but also for cigars. With drug research, prevention is carried out. They are the most prominent in reducing child mortality, but argue that tobacco, alcohol and radiation are still a major concern.

AP Photo / Ramon Espinosa

A worker at a cigar factory in Havana

"It is estimated that cancer will be the largest cause of death worldwide by 2030. Every year there is more cancerous and more and more deaths each year. But we can all fight against smoking. In recent years, smoking has led to a reduction in the number of smokers in Cuba due to the smoking campaign. women and men. At the same time, they promote "malboro" and "vinston", hamburgers and coca colonies in capitalist countries, and then difficult to prevent, "says Dr. Sespedes.

The Cuban experts in Serbia came through the agency Consulta al Futuro, the only region that has a license to use its knowledge, and the Cuban Embassy in Belgrade has also strongly supported cooperation with patients in our country.

Scientists will meet with patients at Peace-keeping in Belgrade, Dr. Garcia is on a third visit, but will also visit various healthcare facilities, both private and public, as planned co-operation is related to Cuban therapy.

"We know that time is coming out, but negotiations are at government level, so we can not talk about how this process was found," said oncologists.

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