Wednesday , February 8 2023

Cooperative 2: Mina Vrbaski deals with prostitution? There is even a price list here! – Reality & TV Show – Collaboration – News


Daria Stević Following his departure from the ralite "Cooperative 2", he highlighted many secrets Go to Vrbashki, and now she went a step further and gave him the hardest blow to date. She discovered the potential participant's rivalry rate. For "Rijaliti" she said:

"Everyone knows that as a very young girl, I began to adjust my former mastery, the starting price was 300 dinars and only oral sex. About 500 she took 500. From reliable sources, I know that with some guys I had sex only to pay a loan of 200 dinars, and something nobody knows. My friend told me that he can "get a job" from a fast-food restaurant, and that's how much this girl is about to go. She raised the price, took her services for a 20- 30 euros. "

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