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Capricorn gains love at first sight, Sagittarius – a new acquaintance and Pisces – an unexpected gain (VIDEO)



12/06/2020 05:00

Daily horoscope for December 6, 2020. || Embed: YouTube


WORK: Your business plans are related to the development of cooperation with foreign partners. You establish contact with them. You are waiting for their positive response.

LOVE: You are in love and want to spend as much time as possible with your loved one. You are sure of your emotions. You are missing a fact, so the other party is not treated equally.

HEALTH: Health is stable. Nevertheless, it would be good to dedicate yourself to improving immunity for the coming days. It is best to enrich your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.


JOB: At work, you control everything and are satisfied with the development of the business. It is a great day for litigation, legal issues and communication with the media.

LOVE: You are not sure that your spouse is completely honest and open to you. Pretend that everything is in order, and basically follow carefully what he is doing, every move and communication.

HEALTH: Health is stable. The only thing you need to pay serious attention to is diet. You are prone to overeating and especially the use of sweets, all of which can be harmful to your health.


WORK: You communicate with strangers. You are very interested in doing a business project together. You do not receive any comments on your proposal.

LOVE: The emotional relationship with the spouse is great. You are going to surprise him. They are sure that only two will enjoy a weekend getaway from the city.

HEALTH: Joints and knees are sensitive. Possible rheumatism, pain, poor mobility. It would be good to ask what exactly you can do to improve your health.

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JOB: It’s a great day to settle legal issues and litigation. You have all the facts, you are very realistic, but you are also determined to push the case to your end.

LOVE: A new acquaintance is waiting for you. You have the impression that it is very difficult for a new acquaintance to open up emotionally, but behind the wall is an extremely emotional, sensitive and vulnerable person.

HEALTH: Health is stable. You feel good. The body is strong and at the same time in the defense and recovery phase, so it has the ability to protect itself against disease.


JOB: You are focused on responsibilities and you are satisfied because business plans are going as planned. You always know where to go so there are no surprises.

LOVE: You are emotionally filled in a relationship with your spouse. This encourages you that your partner is not completely free and that he is successfully hiding from you problems that worry him seriously.

HEALTH: You feel good. Health is stable. Basically, there is no cause for concern. It is best to continue with habits that ensure good health.


JOB: Your goal is to improve your finances. Therefore, preference is given to those liabilities that lead to the inflow of money the fastest. Only then do you perform your usual daily tasks.

LOVE: You love marriage. After so much time together, the other half is still burning in you. You would do everything for your loved one, and she is well aware of that.

HEALTH: Health is stable. You are a workaholic and know how to exaggerate when it comes to work. It is very important to learn to relax. Today is a great day to relax.

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JOB: The business situation is stable. You do your job in a normal, relaxed and stress-free atmosphere. You have a pretty responsible attitude to commitments, but you seem to like them.

LOVE: You double-check your past relationships and your actions. It becomes clear to you that you yourself have contributed to the deterioration of the relationship. You are a little bothered by the fact that your ex-boyfriend has established a new relationship.

HEALTH: Beware of allergies and infections. Immunity has not been shown to be strong, so it would be good to take vitamins into the body to improve its defense system.


JOB: You not only manage to deal with difficulties at work, but also to achieve the success of society. You finally feel good like a winner. Colleagues warmly congratulate you on your success.

LOVE: You often think of someone who intrigues you. You have succeeded in emotions, but you do not show any initiative in the direction of the relationship. You are hindered by friendly sympathetic behavior.

HEALTH: Health is stable. It would not be bad to introduce a weekly rest dose to improve health. You would like to move a little, even though you feel resistance to it.


JOB: You are satisfied with the situation at work. Although there is a lot to do. You are well organized to fulfill all commitments well and on time, without stress.

LOVE: You are about to get a new acquaintance. You really like the impression that the other party leaves on you. To you as a person for whom initiative is a strong side, it seems fearless.

HEALTH: When it comes to nutrition, you’re pretty moderate. It would be good to take care of your diet, more precisely, to drastically reduce the amount of drinks and food, especially sweets.

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JOB: You feel confident that you can do everything that all the goals have for you. Make business plans based on how you feel, not facts.

LOVE: A new acquaintance is waiting for you. Within a second, you get the feeling that the one in front is the right one to contact. You did not believe in love at first sight, and now it is happening to you.

HEALTH: You feel good. Health is stable. Regardless of the dose of optimism that adorns you, it would not be bad to take care of immunity, that is, to strengthen it for prevention.


JOB: You communicate with the media. You like attention. You are very proud of your success in business. You enjoy both the success and the fame he has brought with him.

LOVE: You need to change your conquest strategy. You communicate intensely with compassion, but do not give her the impression that you want a relationship, but a friendly friendship.

HEALTH: You feel strong. Possible problems are bladder and urinary tract infection. It is possible to avoid them if you pay attention to this area.


JOB: You are energetic, confident, ambitious. You want to achieve a lot and succeed. You like the feeling that you can do everything. You are waiting for a financial gain.

LOVE: Emotions have worked for you, but you’re not sure if you should show them openly. Your crush is your friend, so you are uncomfortable telling him how you feel.

HEALTH: You feel strong. However, the feeling can be misleading. The body is prone to certain diseases. Possible problems with hormones, allergies, as well as infections.

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