Sunday , February 28 2021

Braun did not go to Russia, could he leave Partizan?

Braun did not go to Russia, could he leave Partizan?

American basketball player Anthony Brown the "Partizan" team will not travel to St. Petersburg's turmoil with the Zenit Eurocup in the seventh round, and his final status should be known very quickly.

This basketball player arrived 20 days ago and has not yet managed to score a goal in a minute. He played 16 minutes against Turk Telekom, but then two minutes against Mega Bemax and Trent.
"I have my basketball idea that I am adapting the partisan magazine. It's very difficult for me to find him in team with Rade Zagorc and Bing Sie. I think that basketball is moving in a direction that will not change fast. There were positions from one to five in the past, with the ball, the shots, the wings, the center, and now it is 2-2-1, with two "Handlers" that can play the punk end roll, two wings and one center " Said the Partizan trainer Andrea Trinkijeri by visiting SOS Recycle Bin.

An Italian expert added that he was not satisfied with this situation.
"I had to clean the house when I came because we need to know how to play. I'm not happy, Anthony Brown has been a good training, but Partizan is a priority, not an individual player," he said Tricks.

Brown he came to the club before he was the previous trainer Nenad Chanak resigned, and the American signed the contract with the Black and White season.

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