Sunday , January 29 2023

Aleksandra said that the jackets were different from David and Luna, she was pounding them, and then Yogany spoke. (PHOTO) | Telegraph


And tonight colleagues answered the viewer's questions by contacting Milano Mitrovic, which, like before, was the most active member of the rial.

The first question was about Aleksandar Subotis, and it was about relations between Luna and David, all of whom talked for a long time.

– The moon tells a story that does not happen to Neman, because she does not like it … Luna and David are the biggest pair, unlike him and you – the message was broadcast from the viewer to Alexander, and she commented:

– Do not smell, you miss me a lot. I was very bad because he was my close friend. No one was a student, he's older than me for 10 years and I can not manage it. And isolation is a paradise on earth, I do not have to be careful of some people … and I'm with David and I'm closer than ever, as if I'm separated from the rhythies, we're great friends. Dusmane, peel, how much you want! – finished Alexander.

Aleksandra Subotic / Printskrin: TV Pink

Luna then got up and immediately said that she believed she was joining with every man, and especially with David.

– It's terrible for me to always have this guards, this kind of pressure … With every human being! Someone comes to me, and I just relax that I'm my friend and there's some nonsense. She is terrible, but she does not touch me, because I know that this is not true, and nothing will change. I will talk to them, and I'm close to David! – Luna ended.

Luna Djogani / Printskrin: TV Pink

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