Wednesday , March 22 2023

ALEKSANDRA JOY NOW, turning into David, Ana Koraca, who wanted to participate in Subotica


Ana Korać and David DragojevićPhoto: screenshot

Ana Korac spoke openly to David Dragoyevich about his relationship with Alexander Subotica, and she described her as a "sick person" because of her jealousy.

Photo: screenshot

Dragoyevich tried to justify the constant pressure he had, but Korac had no understanding of him.

– You are in a serious relationship. It is sick, it has to be treated – said Ana Alexander in the cooperative.

"Well, imagine and let the boy do the same to you … How do you feel about how I feel like a jeans," David said.

Photo: screenshot

– Okay, you're suffering. What you keep in yourself does not mean that it is "wow" – she was worried.

– How my heart jerks – David struck his chest, then complained to Ani and started talking

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