Monday , February 6 2023

Vinci joins Casillas Merengue's history


Last Saturday, Caen's victory in cheering, Stade Rennes this week in Ukraine (18.55) Starts with the dynamics of "Kiev", which is a crucial week with the future of Europe and regional supremacy.

On Saturday night, when Renna went to Caen, she smiled on her face. After the difficulty when their home won against Reims (0-2) at the end of October, the players Sabri Lamouchi absolutely necessary to win to avoid boarding the league. Something done with a different and less needy road. It's not happy with Rene's coach. "I saw things that called me this evening: the shift, the fundamentals that we had lost, the values ​​that I thought I liked," the former midfielder told a press conference, only before diving is going to move to Kiev in the European League.

Renen has never linked this season

An outrageous journey, which is at the rest of Europe, is facing the most important opponent of this group, K. In particular, the Bretons have no choice but to win. As with the three points obtained in the first stage, Stade Rennes must quickly rise to a position to give himself the opportunity to win the 16th round. Otherwise, this return to the European scene will give a bitter taste to Renn fans who are full of ambitions during the raffle. "All the problems are unresolved, but we are on the right track," Olivier Létang came to our fellow Ouest-France last weekend. The Rennes president knows what he is talking about when he says that everything has not been resolved. Since the beginning of the season, his players have never managed to win two wins in all competitions.

This week, with games against Dynamo Kiev and against Nantes, this moment would be well chosen to change 2018-2018. The vintage bad habits of the year. "We have a week that is still important when it comes to Ukraine, and betting, which helps a lot our supporters at home," was quick to remove Sabri Lamouchi, leaving Kaenu on Saturday. Even though Olivier Létang is constantly rebuilding his beliefs publicly, the coach of Rennes knows that Norman's rebound will not be significant in the case of the new congested week, as was two weeks ago. From there, talking about the entire threat week, is the step that some will try to cross.

Nantes at each end

Firstly, on Thursday night, Ukraine's forecasts will not be supported by Renn, where they will be deprived of Clément Grenier, Jakob Johansson and Edson Mekser, whose roles should not be neglected in the search, which is such a complicated balance. Then because the bet against Nantes is symbolic, which can climb very fast, depending on the outcome, it is very low. This derby, the SRFC has not lost it after five years. The nine-game invincibility that the Canary Islands have expressed a strong desire to stop. And even if Renén just won in Caen, even if both clubs are involved in tournament points, the dynamism clearly refers to the Vahid Halilhodzic troops, whose four successes (the entire Rennes reverse) have accumulated in pursuing fourteen goals. When we talk about danger …

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