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TPMP: Cyril Hanoun is accused of inviting a "fake yellow waistcoat"!

Cyril Hanouna received a yellow waistcoat on Monday, November 26th, in the TPMP kit. But after the show, he faces some accusations.

Cyril Hanoun received a TPMP kit on Monday, November 26, with yellow waistcoats. Only here. After the show, the C8 channel received a lot of critics. Even accused of having invited a "fake" yellow waistcoat on his plates. MCE will tell you more.

Cyril Hanoun accused of "false yellow waistcoats"

Monday, November 26th, for a kit Do not touch my position, one of the new vest interferences made a strong impression. On the set the price, a 23 year old student spoke. Mobilized with yellow waistcoats, it was not unanimous. After the performance, many members of the movement criticized the young woman. There are also many negative comments. About Cyril Hanoun's question.

Movement denounces "manipulation". They claim using screenshots of old shows that Price works accurately with TPMP. Obviously she would have taken part in the board. She would have also won the trip in 2013. According to the yellow waistcoat, Cyril Hanouna would have tried to discredit the mobilization getting involved with the actress.

"It's not the same person"

Subsequently, the magazine L & # 39; Expresse contacted the 23rd year student. She completely denies that Cyril Hanouna has leased: "I understand that we are thinking about it. This is my pro-Macron, but I still voted in favor of Hamon's last election, no. I do not win on any trip in 2013. And we can still observe that it is not my face. I have a face which is bigger than this woman! " Price said. TPMP production also denied this rumor: "That's wrong. This is the first refusal. It's not the same person. I do not know what she's doing in life, but she was not a stage actress."

They were on the set of performances to express their dissatisfaction. Cyril Hanouna interviewed four yellow vesters. He even suggested they come their "press secretary" on television. Also. the promoter promised to continue to invite it. Production declares: "Cyril Hanouna will continue to give everyone a name, and also yellow vests. This is the essence of the exhibition"