Friday , October 22 2021

Tokyo-Narita partially closed by airplane runway


Tokyo-Narita partially closed by airplane runway

Tokyo Narita Airport was partially closed yesterday after Friday runway Boeing 787 Dreamliner from a Japanese airline Japan Airlines (JAL).

Because of the snow, the aircraft slid on a slippery road. According to airport officials and JAL 201, a passenger and crew could safely escape from Dreamliner, who had arrived shortly before. This incident caused one of Narita's two runways one hour. It was then closed again to move the aircraft out of the safe area.

The exact cause of this small accident was not known, but the Japanese public television channel NHK reported that one of the aircraft's tires might have slipped Dissolved ice will snow. The National Meteorological Agency had announced a mild snowfall in the eastern region of Kanto, especially around Narita.

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