Monday , March 1 2021

Togo: PAEIJ-SP to train hundreds of young people in agricultural business and business management

(Togo's first) – The Employment Support and Inclusion Program for Carrier Sectors (PAEIJ-SP) offers training in agricultural business for 350 first time entrepreneurs in business management and training, the first 250 entrepreneurs in the development of an agricultural business and business plan.

Through this training, the idea of ​​an older ministry should increase not only the willingness of those young people to take responsibility for agricultural business, but also encourage them to develop agricultural projects in accordance with art. Better by inserting in the format "Value chain"to benefit from bank financing.

Consultants provide training and / or capacity building sessions for first-time entrepreneurs. Taking this into account, the Development Minister at the base, Crafts, Youth and Youth Employment, through the PAEIJ-SP management department, offers companies and companies. After recruiting, the consultant should begin his mission in June 2019.

Project costs will be funded by African Development Bank (AfDB) African Development Fund (ADF) grants.

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