Thursday , February 25 2021

To recruit small players, Monaco could circumvent the rules

SCAN SPORT – According to Mediapart, Prince Club has "increased twisted moves" to convince young players to get involved.

In recent years and, like many clubs in Europe, Monaco has implemented a recruitment policy that attracts many young people with high potential to sell a few years later with capital gains. Since before the age of fifteen it is not possible for a teenager to sign a contract or paid apprenticeship, clubs sometimes use the tricks to fill their training centers. As part of the findings of the Football Leaks, Mediapart confirms that AS Monaco has committed a number of violations of the current regulations in order to attract new hopefuls.

The investigation site refers to twelve and a half players, which the Principalism Club fully wishes to host in 2017. The problem is, this is intended to start building up with INF Clairefontaine. It should be done quickly. Nicolas Holveck, Deputy Director General, addresses the Director-General of the e-mail, Vadim Vasilyev, to explain that there is an urgent need to release the amount (a total of 200,000 Euros divided into five years) to award the new "Gratuities" site: "EUR 15,000 per contract signing private conditions at his arrival "followed by" € 20,000 for early signing of the candidate country contract and / or the ANS (an unpaid agreement that allows the player to be locked up from 13 to not sign elsewhere, ed.) ASM would also provide family hire and care to "ease the steps" for educating brothers and sisters. Monaco is committed to helping her mother find work.


Announcing this topic, the professional football league believes that the club is not prohibited from recruiting minor parents or helping them find a home. On the other hand, "giving financial benefits to parents is questionable". In addition, the Professional Football Charter has banned the use of the private sector in contractual terms. Mediapart I do not know if the conversations were successful in the above-mentioned wording, but the proposal was approved by Vasiliev. For this player, LFP has registered a non-acceptance agreement. Not surprisingly, "the official document does not provide any compensation or benefit to the player and his parents," says Mediapart.

Requestedr The website club reacted to this bonus system that was awarded when hiring young people: "To make some of these young players very promising, we are signing an agreement with parents that the club agrees to follow a training plan that includes training, medical surveillance and several the benefits to their son, with the intention of signing a future contract to which the Professional Football Charter applies. "However, this practice has been denounced by the Paris SG. The Executive Director of the Paris Club, which is referred to by the investigative site, leads to "unfair practices".

Unclear rewards for agents

Mediapart is also interested in the funds used by the club to pay for agents who have been able to persuade their parents to entrust their children at the training center. However, it is prohibited to receive a commission for a minor. Also, here, the leaders have no imagination to circumvent the law. There will then be several schemes: the reward for the intelligence mission is hidden, but is considered "very risky" internally, because "everything is more complicated in France." Another way to reimburse an agent by collecting a commission for transferring another's future or asking the player to pay agents at a later date is the amount paid by AS Monaco in advance.

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