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Thousands of Air India passengers on a computer bug on Saturday


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After recording a mistake in the software, thousands of Air India passengers on Saturday have been the biggest. Although the carrier explains that flights have not been canceled, the reaction of unhappy passengers is already heard on social networks.

Air Indian passengers sat on airports around the world on Saturday after a computer error occurred that prevented the company's customers from registering, wrote Agence France-Presse.

More than 80 domestic and international flights have been delayed by six hours because of a problem with the computer registration system, which is forced to stop the ongoing activities, causing additional delays worldwide.

"Our recording software has been fixed after a daily upgrade. Restart took six hours," Air India spokesman Praveen Bhatnagar told reporters.

He said domestic connections were the most affected and that the company "did its best to solve the problem."
No flight has been canceled, and the company hopes that in the evening everything will return to normal, he added.

However, the agency notes that hundreds of unscrupulous passengers have complained about social media by registering tables, placing photos and video clips on passenger lines.

"Thousands were imprisoned at the airport for more than three hours. No information. No one to speak. Very bad service," wrote a traveler on Twitter from New Delhi International Airport.

A similar problem occurred in June, causing delays around the world.

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