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Thiago Silva, Al-Khelaifi … Response by PSG-Liverpool (2-1)

Paris won Liverpool. At the end of the game, the players, the staff and the president shared their happiness.

The French champions are expected to have failed in their homework during the tournament in this capital city. Despite the strong opposition, they finished the contract with the progress they had made in favor of successful contests for qualification in the next round. The final whistle of the game against the little red ones, the winners of the day, have succeeded in front of the microphones to express their satisfaction and a little revenge. Everyone was happy to show off to those who criticized them to respond to the great continental posters.

Thiago Silva (PSG defender at RMC Sport): "It is tedious, the most important thing is that we played as a team, the atmosphere was fantastic, it was special, we worked hard to win this game, we were all happy with the win and how we played, we are there to create such a games, we have shown that we can do this, we need to focus on our work when we criticize it, but it's not over in Belgrade, and that's not easy, but most importantly, if we do our job, everything is possible (…) The coach was fantastic. There were incredible games, we attacked and defended together, my personal performance was good, I played for my family and my little one who asked me for victory. "

Nasser Al-Khelaifi (PSG President, RMC Sports) : Yes, I am very pleased with the result and the quality of the game. We showed a face. Many people talked about our project in the media and we showed the face that was in the team. We are strong together. And with a great coach. This is a good answer for everyone. It was not easy, Liverpool has a great level and good players. Everyone made a great game, including fans. For me, Tuchel is the best trainer in the world. And he proved it today. Win the Champions League? We can not say that, but we play every game to win.

Thomas Tuchel (PSG Trainer RMC Sport): "We are very pleased because it was a way of proving that we can compete with a team like Liverpool who has incredible mentality, it was a great challenge as shown by my players. It deserved a victory and outstanding performance, you can not win. without good protection and all the efforts of the team, and the fans have seen it, we have worked hard, and the result is wonderful. The intention with the changes is to play more offensive and not to suffer. Angel and Cavani were not good. It was needed, and I am also happy that Adrien has been playing and getting compensation for the Marquinhos fatigue. I choose 11 players who started, but it is important that we finish well with three other players who are always ready

Gianluigi Buffon (PSG goalkeeper) "I am very happy because we had a great game, there was quality and great desire, it was a very important game for us, we have a real signal, we show that we are team with I do not know if it can be a click, but I think that Everybody saw that we played with great quality, we won with power and humility. When I was Juve, I did not believe that this team could be so strong and it is the first quality that goes ahead (…) I have little experience and it's important that I can talk to my teammates to help them with the words, and sometimes it's more important than stopping (…) At the end of the game, everyone was very happy. Because we've been lucky enough to at this stage, it would not be terrible, and here I think we have the right path to have a great season. "

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Kylian Mbappé (PSG Forward): "We were able to answer, we managed to prove that we could put ourselves on this type of game level, we are very satisfied and we are about to complete our work in Belgrade." We could be men before men, do not worry about us, we are convinced of our strength, we are confident about our group, we knew that we should have done more, but we also knew that No one in Belgrade will win, this group will have to put the same desire and the same intensity, because it would be really catastrophic to play today a similar, rather than qualify at the bottom. "

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