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the mysterious survival of Lionel Messi in Italy …


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FC Barcelona: Mysterious survival of Lionel Messi in Italy ...

Cristiano Ronaldo invited him to join him in Italy next season to continue measuring him, Lionel Messi crossed the Pyrenees and Alps this week …

"I don't need a change. I'm the best team in the world. My challenges are being updated every year. I don't have to change teams or leagues to set new goals. I'm at home, in the best world, and I don't have to change."

Lionel Messi's answer to Cristiano Ronaldo, who invited him to join him last month in Italy next month to save his legendary race, shortly after Christmas is lacking salt. The Argentine attacker FC Barcelona would not be too disappointed in the Italian trunk, he has just reached the 400 achievement bar in La Liga, and has habits in the Dolce Vita country.

As indicated SPORTSSo, Messi flew to Italy on Monday to join his mentor Giuliano Poser, which he does quite regularly during the season to replenish his batteries. A preview of Barcelona Airport in the morning, the Argentine crack was already in the middle of the afternoon, with his other guru dealing with his personal life, Pepe Costa.


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