Tuesday , March 21 2023

"The journey will not start tomorrow"


President Macky Sall of the Republic yesterday received one of his seventh leading projects: The Regional Express Train (Ter) financed 656 billion CFA francs. Despite this discovery, with the so-called "ambitious" project, train users will have to be patient. Indeed, Ter will not be "for several months" at the edge of the revelation ceremony, because the head of the state understood so well.

"We have passed the project receipt phase and everyone is likely to travel to Ter tomorrow. But we also have to meet Ter Line's safety, security and operational standards. So the journey will not start tomorrow, it can only be done when the signal comes from the company So we used this pre-operative phase, which will allow us to perform all the tests on three (3) trains in the dock (dynamic, safety and security tests), but also that all the walls are made and all sealing is provided, ”served the President of the Republic with weakness. eyes as arguments.

Inauguration or propaganda?

Came to Dakar train station, around 19 hours of shots until applauded by supporters, government members, technical and financial partners, Macky is taking part in stepping up this exhibition. "The King of Mbalah" Youssou Ndour has even offered a "free" concert for Macky fans in the cool Colobane alley and Pape Diouf Dakar Train Station.

Many noises, many people mobilized the infrastructure that is still under construction and will not be delivered to the President on February 24, 2019.
We are not far from propaganda. Especially because the event was broadcast live on the national channel.

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