Friday , October 22 2021

Tension Rises Before Super Bowl


In Atlanta, tension increases before the Super Bowl, the massive NFL, the American Football Championship.

This is an annual media event in the United States: 100 million viewers are expected to increase advertiser appetite every year, ready to spend huge amounts.

They had to spend 4.5 million euros this year for 30 seconds. In ten years, the rates have almost doubled.

"The Super Bowl Society really looks at the taverns, and for the advertising world it is the biggest stage, it's like Oscar, it's time to shine." They publish teasers in the fuel supply, they are celebrities, and the public is passionate about it. "

The Atlanta city has a high degree of security, while the Super Bowl is expected to drive nearly a million tourists.

The last one this year is between Los Angeles Frames and New England Patriots. Europeans will be able to follow this meeting from Sunday to Monday.

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