Monday , October 18 2021

Saturday, Calou Renardiere's 10th Day, will be Turfomania base


Eighteen competitors will compete today for the Prix De La Gironde, supporting a daily quintessence of 2850 meters in Vincennes.

Calou RenardiereIn the afternoon on the 10th afternoon in Paris, Vincennes will be our base that should not be missed.

Games Turfomania base Saturday Saturday in Vincennes

Calou Renardiere (10): Gentle but talented horse, Jean-Michel Baudouin, has just returned to victory after several races where he was wrong. A very nice victory at the Brionne price, he had no detail when he attacked, then doing it in a classic course, a very good time for this category. His sensitivity makes it a fragile foundation, but if he is not disqualified, his place will definitely be one of the first, again with the hearty Eric Raffin, a horse as a leader who will show you a flawless form.

Calou Renardiere general statistics

  • Race: 41
  • Wins: 12
  • Inserted: 15
  • Winner Success Rate: 29%
  • Success rate: 37%

Calou Renardiere's statistics on the route we are interested in

  • Racing races: 5
  • Victory: 0
  • Inserted: 1
  • Winning Success Rate: 0%
  • Success rate: 20%

Calou Renardiere's statistics with RAFFIN E.

Calou Renardiere will be associated with RAFFIN E., with whom he has a success rate of the first 3 out of 100% (6 placed in 6 races)

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