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Saes / Cesti in all its countries

Following the abolition of the discount ceremony for journalists, the section of the Autonomous Union of Higher Education (Saes) of the Science and Technology Information Center (Cesti) is set in a niche to condemn tprocess.

In her opinion, the abolition of this ceremony that took place in this compoundyou The school is not just based on the information provided by the directorate. Therefore, inform the unionist, not the director of the institution that has taken the decision, nor could the other officials explain them.

They criticize this measure and recall that "CESTI is primarily a journalism school and the distribution of press vests to journalists is a service to the public for their safety. CESTI, as a training and practice school, is also concerned about the safety of these students in this area with the press vest."

In their view, this is not the first time that Cesti has been the victim of such injustice, because "in 2016, within the framework of the partnership – an action related to the" support project for professionals from the European Union ". Media about the transparency of public finance and mineral resource management", originally planned for CESTI, was moved to Boppu. »

Before you add: "Abolishing Educational Measures CESTI is still a deliberate and obvious violation of the university franchise. In addition, the SAES / CESTI section draws the attention of the university community to this recurrence. "

The distribution of magazines to journalists to cover the election campaign was scheduled for Wednesday, January 30, early in the afternoon before cancellation. It was headed by US Ambassador to Senegal.

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