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RIBER announces a slight increase in activity in 2018

Ribera's revenue for 2018 was EUR 31.3 million, up 2.3%. The semiconductor industry leader stressed the negative base effect, with an increase of 86% in 2017. The system revenue was € 9.6 million, which is 33% more than the delivery dates for two MBE machines, which will be invoiced in the 1st quarter of 2019, as indicated in the press release of 10 January. In 2018, 6 machines were invoiced, including 3, and in 2017, 5 machines, including 2 products.

Sprayers' turnover reached EUR 11.6 million, which is 19% less. As in 2017, he mainly focuses on Asian customers.

Revenue from services and accessories was € 10.1 million, up 12%. This reflects the desire to develop this activity on a regular basis, which is highly dependent on gross profit.

The 2018 turnover is divided between Europe (49%), Asia (43%) and North America (8%).

Considering the high level of book orders to be paid in 2019, Riber expects a new annual increase in revenue. At 31 December 2018, the outstanding amount reached EUR 29.9 million, an increase of 16%. This is especially true of the "very good order level in 2018".

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