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Renault-Nissan looks at consultant pay


The Renault-Nissan Alliance has committed itself to reviewing payments previously made to French external consultants, such as the current MEP and former Minister Rachida Dati, following the arrest of Carlos Ghosn in Japan, Reuters reported sources. The fees paid to these consultants are one of the components of the independent audit launched by both manufacturers for the Alliance (RNBV) in the Netherlands. finally agreed. The Japanese producer has doubts about the transparency of the use of the RNB funds, which they think might be more of the interests of Renault, even Carlos Ghosn, than in the interest of the Alliance.

Claudine Pons, Communications Consultant, and Alain Bauer, Security Consultant, have already confirmed that they have paid a holding to the company for their scandal involving fraudulent espionage against Renault drivers. The Alliance also used former Justice Minister Rachid Dati as legal adviser after her departure from government in 2009 under the leadership of Nicolas Sarkozy, two sources who knew the issue.

Nissan, which co-finances the Alliance, was not informed of this relationship between RNBV and Rachida Dati, said Japanese producer Travis Parman. "Nissan was not aware of such a payment. We cannot comment on specific issues related to the overall audit," he said. There is no reason to suspect that Rachida Dati, the most well-known man so far, has committed any legal violation that has given the Alliance mission.

"Lawyer's Agreement"

MEPs asked their lawyer when they contacted Reuters. The latter, Olivier Pardo, said that Rachida Dati, a lawyer, had received a mission from the RNBV in October 2009, four months after the government left the European Parliament. This mission was completed in February 2013, added Olivier Pardo, refusing to comment on his salary. "It was a lawyer's convention that complies with the lawyers' rules," said Oliver Pardo. "It was a very broad and complete task, and as it is covered by professional secrecy, I cannot provide further details. According to Olivier Pardo, the decision to end this mission was taken in October 2012, five months after the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential election. against Francois Hollande.

Expenditure related to these external missions appeared in the Alliance's accounts for a single non-detailed fee line, in excess of EUR 20 million in 2015 (or $ 23 million). says sources. Renault refused to comment on this audit.

Carlos Ghosn was arrested in Japan on 19 November and was then charged three times. In particular, he is accused of not reporting more than $ 80 million in additional compensation paid by Nissan in the 2010 – 2018 period and by transferring losses from personal contributions to Nissan accounts.

Source: Reuters

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