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Quinté Live (Prix de Langeais) I PARIS TURF

"Chenu" Vertigo, Prix de Langeais winner

"Chenu" Vertigo, Prix de Langeais winner

Eric Raffin – Chenu vertigo (1)st)

You always have to trust him. The biggest racing coach won. This is a really great horse; he held a super meeting. The closed cap was good for him.

Yoann Lebourgeois – Coach Franbleu (2)e)

I had a good race, hidden, moral. He finished a good second.

Franck Nivard – Morge round (3)e)

He ran well, finally in his place. Very cold, he fought to follow, but he was brave, continuing his pace to the end.

Jean-Paul Gauvin – Julie Beach (4)e)

She ran very well and was only destroyed by three twenty-five meter horses. If I stay in the last round, she might be the third.

Michel Lenoir – Balzac from Souvigné (5)e)

He was very good. Maybe I have been attacked too early. Being a little greedy, I could finish the third.

Damien Bonne – Auch (6)e)

He ran well, but won him better than him.

Pierre Vercruysse – Cobra Blue (8)e)

He was very disappointed, hit the crossroads of the track. I have no explanation.

Jarmo Niskanen – Cathy A Quira (9)e)

She had a good race, but she went out of shape. She is now a little tired. She gave her a lot this winter. She will have to stay a little.

François Lagadeuc – Cantin de l & # 39; Eclair (10)e)

What I asked him was quite difficult, but I don't think he's on top, just like last year.

David Thomain – As Godisson (11)e)

He found himself without resources five hundred meters from the finish.

Matthieu Abrivard – Moon Angel (12)e)

It was to prepare him. He runs clean.

Franck Blandin – Amigo Turgot (13)e)

He had little faith in himself, fascinating. There were problems on the plain. On the way up he gave me the tip as if he were "awakening." Finally, he found the last round without resources.

Franck Ouvrie – Bora Bora Jiel (14)e)

She was disappointing. Climbing, I ran.

Guillaume Moinon – Clara from Pontseuila (15)e)

I quickly found myself without gas. We couldn't work as we wanted in the countryside. Maybe because.

Glenny Delaune – Lou's Baraka (16)e)

It was the driver's race.

Charles Bigeon – Levanta bolero (Dai)

He quickly turned out to be wrong. He then made the right race. He can be more comfortable riding.

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