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President Lamine Guèye's work "can not be lost" (Senegalese Prime Minister)

"What President Lamine Gueye has done in this country can not be lost. We can not forget …" the head of government said at the two-day international conference on "The Master of Latin America: Pan African Way (1891-1968)".

Described as a "multidimensional man," Lamine Guèye led the National Assembly from 1960 to 1968.

The scientific committee, led by the 50th anniversary of the disappearance of Lamina Guej, and the Association's impetus for the dynamics and work of this Senegal figure, was held on Monday yesterday as a prelude to the symposium.

This meeting, emphasizing the prime minister, "gives us the opportunity to stand out on many aspects of his journey to assess his inheritance among the younger generations."

Amadou Lamine Guèye or Lamine Coura Guèye, better known as Lamine Guèye, was a Senegalese politician, a leader in the Senegal Socialist Party.

On their part, Boubakars Hanns, President of the Perinventation Association, Domas thought and Lamine Gueye, who was recognized as "May 2003", was confirmed by those "who climbed all the stairs", in particular, illustrating their "model of their cultural orientation" .

"Lamina Guidea is just a" reference "to the" open, elegant "avocado and advocate of his port and the great speaker who taught mathematics Félix Houphouet-Boigny (apart from the Côte d'Ivoire president)" a part of our collective memory "to be presented to" younger generations " , in particular the chairman of the Saliou Mbaye Scientific Committee and the Prime Minister of Senegal, Mahammed Dionne.

According to the prime minister, Lamine Guèye is a "patriot in the noble sense of the word" who "gave us Léopold Sédar Senghor, asking him to come and go to the place by Blaise Diagne (Senegal, 1872-1934, then under the colony's yoke.

"His multi-language profile was high caliber, listened and respected," he added.

The two-day symposium brings together a number of senior people from the academic, cultural and literary world.

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