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[PORTRAIT 4/5] Senegalese Presidential Election: dissident Madické Niang

There are five Senegalese presidential races: outgoing Macky Sall, Idrissa Seck, Madicke Niang, Issa Sall and Ousmane Sonko. Less than a month before the vote, the RFI draws a portrait of one candidate every day. Today, Madické Niang, a party from the Senegalese Democratic Party, a party that has always rejected her candidacy against being a dissident against Karim Wade.

One of Dakar's mosques in front of Ibrahim Faye is wearing an orange vest. It is better seen on the roads: a man is a mechanic and repairs cars that go to Toubu of the Holy City. "He is a good person. He has a strong character and he helps people. The most important thing is life. He helps. He is a big man," he says.

Touba, Madické Niang's favorite campaign destination. The candidate has great popularity in this PDS historic bastion. But Madické Niang lacks support in the area, says his deterrents. The candidate confirms that he is far from one: "The reality is to get an obscure denial. I have representatives everywhere."

As for the country, he wants to be inspired by his mentor: Former President Abdoulaye Wade: "My vision today is what President Wade has renounced from social liberalism that can promote competition while supporting the most disadvantaged."

Balancing Act

In his adventure, demanding his affiliate with Abdoulaye Wade, but without a PDS, there is an equation that the candidate has yet to solve. Indeed, at the beginning of October 2018, Madické Niang presided over the president. Suddenly a major blow to the majority of the Senegalese Democratic Party. Abdoulaye Wade, in particular, is a former President signing a vitriol statement in which he accuses the dissident of ruling with the government, namely Macky Sall.

However, Madické Niang has always ensured that she has positioned herself as Plan B, an appeal if Karim Wade's candidacy is canceled. The man was right. The Constitutional Council excluded the candidate from PDS from voting. The batch line hasn't moved: it's Karim Wade or nothing.

Born in Saint-Louis, Madické Niang is a faithful follower of Abdoulaye Wade. In 2009, he is still a former president's lawyer at Babacar Seye. At the age of 65, a man declares that he will be a surprise election.

Papis Lo, a student, is mixed with Madické Niang's chances. "It is true that he assumed his responsibilities. He wants to go alone. He doesn't know what he wants. I think that is his problem."

It remains to be seen whether the vote of the party's voters depends on the support of Abdoulaye Wade. A gesture that has not yet been awarded by a candidate.

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