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POINT MARKETS-Wall Street is expected by Apple and Boeing before the Fed

                * Investors are waiting for a spoken speech from
* Risk of Brexit without increasing agreement
* Apple and Boeing deliver support
* Chinese-US talks in the center of Washington

Juliette Rouillon
NEW YORK is expected to be on January 30 (Reuters) - Wall Street
Wednesday at at the time of opening - until the stock exchanges
European countries are developing in the middle of the session
financial markets, in particular with results
better than expected from Apple and Boeing, waiting for a decision
Federal Reserve (Fed) Monetary Policy.
Opening of NY future signals
Wall Street to 0.4% to 1.0%.
In Paris, the CAC 40 index occupies 0.68% to 4,961.56
around 12:40 GMT. FTSE-100 gets 1.64% in London
but Dax loses 0.28% in Frankfurt.
Europe-wide FTSEurofirst 300 Index Increases 0.37%
EuroStoxx in the 50 euro area gives 0.09% and
Stoxx 600 advance of 0.30%.
The Fed must notify at. 19:00 GMT decision on rates
percent. Its president, Jerome Powell, will give you half an hour
later a press conference during which he
could reiterate its caution with regard to 2006
American economy.
"Patience" is the current new keyword, several
The US central bank has left little
question their desire to stop. ,
rising interest rates.
The market is also waiting for discussions on the balance sheet
Central Bank by Wall Street
The newspaper that the Fed plans to slow down
earlier than expected.
China-US trade negotiations will be
followed by investors. Discussions
Wednesday will arrive at a decisive phase with the next
Washington delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister
Liu He, one month from
two of the world's major economic powers.
In Europe, the market seems to exclude Brexit risk
without agreement, although Brussels rejected the European Parliament's call
British parliamentarians re-discussed backstop
Northern Ireland.
"Although the scenario without agreement is still unlikely
the situation increases the risk of an accident and. ,
both sides might be more willing to do that, ”he says
Bethany Payne, Janus Henderson Bond Manager.
Investors will be ahead of macroeconomics
attention to the ADP Survey on Employment in the United States and the United States. ,
real estate sales promises. First publications
US 4th quarter GDP calculation is postponed.

Apple holds 5.3% on pre-sales exchanges
announces better quarterly results after Tuesday
than expected.
Quarterly results and forecasts for 2019 better
Boeing should also support the rating.
The name gets 6.3% in the vanguard.
Advanced Micro Devices increased by 9.9%
Tuesday night announcement of record-breaking growth in your business
data center chips with number prediction
annual business exceeds expectations.
Similarly, Alibaba takes 3.3% after its benefit
despite the slowdown in growth
On the other hand, Juniper Networks is down by about 10.7%
Avant-Bourse. Network equipment specialist has
published Tuesday night results and forecasts below. ,

The key resource sector (+ 1.5%) signs
the second largest growth in the industry, driven by growth in the EU. ,
prices of industrial metals. ArcelorMittal takes 1.66%
and the British mining group Rio Tinto, BHP
and Glencore earns from 2.4% to 2.7%.
After the ads, luxury sizes are good
LVMH Tuesday evening, which is 6.24%. The market welcomes
good distribution of my fashion and leather products
the world's fourth largest luxury goods company
China's economic recession and. ,
"Vestes yellow" in France at the end of the year and his confidence
published in 2019.
CAC 40 and the top of the European Stoxx 600 index
Atos launches 7.99% after launch
strategic plan and announced its dissemination project
23.4% of the Worldline subsidiary

Ten years of Treasury returns
slightly, about 2.72%, after returning the previous day
Expectations of the Federal Reserve Monetary Decision.
In the bond market, fluctuations are limited
where 10 years of German is almost unchanged - 0.19%.

The Euro / Dollar fluctuates within a narrow range of around 1.14
dollars until the FED monetary decision is made, and
before the end of the week.
According to prudent statements by the Central Bank
European Commission (ECB) last week,
Expect a catchy speech from the Fed, which could
refuse to raise rates this year.
"Our three-month forecast for the euro / dollar is
from 1.14 to 1.16 dollars because we don't expect
change of both central banks, ”says Antje Präfcke,
trading strategist at Commerzbank Frankfurt.
Pound, down 0.7% on Tuesday night after the series
votes for Brexit in the UK parliament, recovering 0.3%
against the dollar.
The focus of the Chinese yuan has reached a new high level
six months at $ 6.7257 per dollar (+ 0.3%) on the market
before the resumption of negotiations
Chinese Americans in Washington.
Australian Dollar Also Rated 0.5%
against dollar after inflation statistics
stronger than expected, resulting in traders re-checking their
hopes for lower rates in Australia this year.

Crude oil prices are rising by 1% to $ 53.85
US light crude oil and US $ 61.92 for marine brent
In the North, supporting the previous day, announcing sanctions
Venezuelan oil industry.

Contracts were already over 2% on Tuesday, but not
However, Venezuelan production is already there
at the lowest level for almost 70 years and news
sanctions affecting only supplies to the US.
Venezuelan exports will not be eliminated
market, but rather to other countries, ”says Paola
Rodriguez-Masiu, Analyst at Rystad Energy. "China and
India will be able to recover these volumes at a good price. "

US 1:15 ADP Private Sector Works January 178,000 271,000
3:00 pm Sales promises. December + 0.5% -0.7%

(Some data may be slightly redirected)


Index Last Var. Can. %
Dow Jones 24825.0 +272.00 + 1.11%
S & P-500 2651.75 + 11.50 + 0.44%

Nasdaq-100 6698.75 +60.00 + 0.90%

"Day ahead" - Updating next
sitting on Wall Street
Indices Conclusion Var. Can. % YTD
Dow Jones 24579.9 +51.74 + 0.21% + 5.37%
S & P-500 2640.00 -3.85 -0.15% + 5.31%

Nasdaq 7028.29 -57.40 -0.81% + 5.92%

Nasdaq 100 6632.79 -64.30 -0.96% + 4.78%


Index Last Var. Can. % YTD
Eurofirst 1407.13 + 4.98 + 0.36% + 5.69%
Eurostoxx 50 3153.63 + 0.21 + 0.01% + 5.07%

CAC 40 4958.55 + 30.37 + 0.62% + 4.82%

Dax 30 11176.7 -42.08 -0.38% + 5.85%
FTSE 6946.25 +121.32 + 1.64% + 3.24%
MIS 8941.92 + 1.40 + 0.02% + 6.08%
The values ​​to follow in Paris and

Course Veille Var.% YTD
Euro / Dl 1.1436 1.1430 + 0.05% -0.29%

Dlr / yen 109.43 109.38 + 0.05% -0.75%

Euro / Yen 125.12 125.04 + 0.06% -0.87%

Dlr / CHF 0.9973 0.9943 + 0.30% + 1.62%

Euro / CHF 1.1402 1.1368 + 0.30% + 1.32%

Stg / Dl 1.3095 1.3066 + 0.22% + 2.65%

Index $ 95.7930 95.8210 -0.03% -0.40%

Last can. Spread / Bund

Future Bund 165 160 +0.0800
Bund 10 years 0,1940 -0,0030

Bund 2 years -0,5650 +0,0100

OAT 10 years 0.6092 +0.0020 +41.52

Treasury 10 Years 2,7240 +0,0120

The Treasury 2 years 2,5806 +0,0120

(in dollars) Cours Précéde Var Var. % YTD
Light Crude Oil 53.87 53.31 +0.56 + 1.05% + 17.59%
United States
Brent 61.93 61.32 + 0.61 + 0.99% + 14.37%

(Edited by Véronique Tison)

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