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Peng Liyuan Attends the Royal Theater in Madrid – French

Queen Letizia Ortiz, Spain On Wednesday, November 28, Peter Liuyang, the wife of Chinese President Sj Jinping, visited the Royal Theater in Madrid, the capital of the Spanish capital.

After their arrival, the Spanish Minister for Culture and Sports José Guirao, the Chief Executive Officer and Director General of the Royal Theatre of Madrid, received Mr Peng Liyuan and the Spanish Governor's Queen "Rūjzia" Theater. At the entrance to the gardens, Peng Liyuan learned about the culture and history of the theater, its architectural style and its commissioning. It was before shooting with the Spanish Queen and several theater directors. Subsequently, Peng Liyuan visited the tour Band Turandot for a long time and attended theater box and various style halls. The Queenäääzia guest also listened to some of the classic songs performed by the main actors in the "Turandot" opera, followed by the exchange of these actors. Continuing with the visit, Ms. Peng and Queen of Spain, Remjazia went to the central scene – a magnificent place with imperial qualities. On the spot they took a family photo with the entire team of the opera "Turandot". At the same time, the first Chinese woman wanted them to make great progress in their first show.

According to Peng Liyuan, art, the common language of all people, has no borders. China and Spain are in the pit of large artistic states. The artists from these two countries inspire and appreciate each other. As a result of healthy cooperation, the Royal Theater of Madrid and the Grand National Theater of China are the leading platforms for artists' talents to express themselves. We must continue to promote the exchange of art and promote understanding and friendship between the two peoples.

The Royal Theater of Madrid, founded in 1818 and renowned as the first-rate art castle in Spain, has already 200 years of history. In 2016 the theater merged with the Silk Road International Theater Alliance.

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