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Patte D & # 39; oie: Security Consensus Tables The Experimental Phase Official Begins in Keur Damel – La Vie Sénégalaise

Pattes D & # 39; The Oie Municipality hosted this safety-panel meeting pilot ceremony Saturday in Keur Damel, under the Safe Relatives program led by the Paris Assistance Agency. proximity security (ASP). The event co-chaired by the Director of the Community Security Assistance Agency Papa Khaly Niang and Patte d 'Mayor Banda Diop.

ASP Director Papa Khaly Niang welcomed the Keur Damel City Citizens Initiative, which in his view "promotes the production of joint security products." He believes that "citizens must take responsibility for their own security" in terms of rampant insecurity and terrorist threats.

According to the director, the safety round table is a proximity security tool whose purpose is to promote the safety of people and their property through a preventive approach. He said the introduction of this device for house monitoring is in accordance with the request of the City Council's Keur Damel district. Before it adds (security roundtable) that will meet every three months to assess local security issues.

Its task will be to inform, sensitize and save the population, alert the police and gendarmerie forces, clarifying the presence of suspect persons in neighboring countries or detecting offenses.

Patte d & # 39; s Mayor Banda Diop welcomed the commitment of the Keur Damel District Council, recalling that cities need a "healthy and safe environment". In fact, he asked the director of a local safety assistance agency to extend this initiative to other communities in his community (Builder's Goose Pie, Cité Al Amal, Grand Medine, Soprim, Taxes and Domains, etc.).

The municipality council will continue to carry a security advisory board, certified by the mayor who assimilates this is a provision that will strengthen the territorial communities in their mission.

Thinking of security as an integrated area, your Mayor calls on the players involved to come to the table to think about the security issue.

At the same time, the Chair of the Neighborhood Council, Alioune Ndiaye, expressed pleasure in seeing the locality she chose to work with the Agency for Near-Eye Safety in order to launch a safety round-up trial phase. Thus, he plans to build a "safe area" model for the city of Damel.

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