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Orange accelerates its multi-service provider strategy in Africa

Democratizing access to the digital environment

In the field of telephony, as in many other countries, Africa has entered the technological level, moving directly to the mobile phone. The smartphone market outlook is exponential. It is estimated that at least 660 million Africans (compared with 336 million in 2016) should be equipped with a smartphone by 2020.[1].

This breakthrough can be explained by several factors that fully mobilize Orange ( the development of a mobile payment (using the Orange Money service), a fast growing mobile Internet connection (14 Orange 4G) and more affordable prices to ensure availability the largest number.

For this last question Orange is still innovating today, working with KaiOS Technologies to democratize digital access in Africa.

At the beginning of 2019, Orange Africa's customers will have access to the new category of smartphones running the KaiOS Technologies KaiOS operating system, which creates a new ecosystem of digital products and services at a very attractive price.

In addition, customers will be able to use the Google Digital Assistant – Google Assistant – in French, English and Arabic to help them overcome language and literacy barriers.

The first product to be launched will be the 3G "smartphone feature" and will follow the 4G version later this year. These new phones will provide access to applications such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps and Google Assistant. These smartphones will have cutting-edge features that are similar to smartphone features at affordable prices.

This offer will be available in almost all countries where the Group is present.

High quality online courses available to everyone

Of all the digital revolutions, e-learning is undoubtedly one of the most structured Africa. Online education will train millions of professionals who need to monitor their development on the continent.

Orange aims to mobilize its infrastructure, accessibility and expertise to help Africa address young people's training challenges, especially in digital professions, through the African Digital School program.

The first partners of this program are the largest French authorities, such as CNED ( and the University of Technology Institutes and OpenClasrooms ( for computer courses.

Today Orange announces a new partnership with Tunisian virtual university, a global pioneer in online education, which has been offering digital lessons for all Tunisian students for more than a decade. The purpose of this partnership is to promote access to their courses and training in the African countries where orange is located. A similar partnership will be signed in December with Virtual Senegal University, another African reference to online training.

Identify, support and support newly created firms in Africa

About 8th In a row, Orange will take part in the AfricanCom Awards, its " Orange Award for Social Entrepreneurs in Africa and the Middle East "(Http:// The aim of this competition is to reward the best of Africa's newly created projects that improve the living conditions of local people through digital technology in areas such as education, health, agriculture, mobile payments or sustainable development.

The two-stage contest took place in 17 countries where Orange participated. Originally from the 1304 applications submitted, 49 innovative projects were won and won in the country. Ten projects were then selected and submitted to an international jury of professionals, investors and institutions.

This is Wednesday, November 14th, for which the winners of this 3rd edition of 2018 will be announced. The winners will be entitled to grants as well as support for their development projects. Special price content 4e An international winner will be revealed at the same time.

To unveil awards for this year: Social Entrepreneur 2018 (

Orange is located in 20 countries in Africa and the Middle East with 119 million customers (in the 3rd quarter of 2018). With 2017 revenue of € 5 billion, this area is a strategic priority for the Group. Orange Money, its money transfer and mobile money services available in 17 countries make up 40.2 million customers. Orange, a multi-service provider, a leading digital transformation partner, introduces knowledge to support the development of new digital services in Africa and the Middle East.

Orange is present in Africa showing on the stand – Joining Room – Standing D1A – D1B – D2A

[1] According to the Deloitte study

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Orange accelerates its multi-service operator strategy in Africa (1)

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