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new revelations in the tears of FC Nantes

Emiliano Island: new revelations in the tears of FC Nantes

SALA – FC Nantes yesterday this time La Beaujoire made a shocking acclaim to Emiliano Island. In parallel, research activities are continuing. The first waste was found. We also know more about airplane pilots and flight conditions.

18:25 – "This is an Argentine resident who doesn't give anything": chants that Nantes supporters resumed for 90 minutes.

The supporters of La Beaujoire Stadium Loire Stadium did not stop last night to celebrate Emiliano Salu, especially this song, which was invited in almost the entire game, but also after the last whistle, during the trip:

17:47 – How McKay persuaded Emiliano Island to join Cardiff

to The day team, Willie Mckay, also unveils the long email content sent to Emiliano Sala on January 6, two weeks before the player signed in Cardiff to persuade him to study the Welsh Club proposal. "Emiliano, My Name is Willie McKay We are not interested in your personal affairs (…) Let's introduce you to how we work and how we came to this Cardiff city story (…) Talking to you, we've talked to everyone For clubs, including Manchester, Chelsea, Liverpool, we think you could go to such clubs, we have turned to Nantes as we do other clubs with many players to gain sales power. We do not try to double the players (…) In fact, if you are not a footballer, these people have nothing to do with you. It is that they have only money. Because it's all for us (…) No sense, only business! (…) Neil Warnock (Cardiff coach would like to to meet you, either take you to the jet to show you around the club, or you'll meet with Nantes: You can be with what you want to get an idea. 50,000 pounds a week (57,000 euros) In my experience, if you do not try the Premier League now, you will regret it (…) Cardiff can put at your disposal a jet for you to pick up. "

17:20 – Tour: "Emiliano joins my mind day and night"

Abdoulaye Toure, one of Emiliano's closest friends in the Nantes team, also last night, in front of the press, did not hide her emotions: "Today it went further There was a lot of emotion, we had to try to ignore it, but it was complicated, and 90 minutes, even before the game, I had this emotion, and it is still for me. As drama, I think it is … It is related to my thoughts day and night. It has been a fantastic year, especially tonight, and I want to say a few words and thank them for what they did tonight, we will try to continue with Emiliano. "

16:47 – Video – player input and tears by Yacine Bammou

Wednesday evening was rich with Beaujoire's outstanding events, as did the players' entrance just before. 9 am, accompanied by fan songs in the glory of Emiliano Sala, tifo booths, and tears throughout the stadium, such as a member of a team of Yacine Bammou's friend and former Argentine attacker:

16:19 – When do search activities resume?

Recall that after opening last weekend at Cotentin beaches, two pillows that might come from an airplane with Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson, the Aircraft Accident Investigation Unit (AAIB), yesterday pointed out that she will search again for searches to find planes and two men wreck. At the same time, the private operation started on the initiative of the player and led by the oceanographer David Merans. The latter stated that both missions would be coordinated ("We will work together"). Each one has a specialized boat that is able to explore the sea further. Due to the difficult weather conditions, the two operations officials indicated that future research would only take place on Sunday.

15:59 – Three dramas in less than a year for FC Nantes

In addition to the disappearance of Emiliano Sala, FC Nantes has experienced two other painful episodes in recent months, firstly Philippe Daguillon, the death of the first team's physiological history, March 9, 2018, and Henri Michel. former captain of the Canary Islands on 24 April last year. Both men died due to long illnesses.

15:38 – a specialized ship mobilized for research came to Guernsey

Yesterday evening, David Mearns, a man who manages private research on the Emiliano Sala family initiative, said yesterday that a specialized boat, which should be allowed to probe the seabed from Sunday, was the way to Guernsey. Morven arrived this morning safely. Here it is:

15:23 – FC Nantes thanks the supporters of Sala

The Nantes Club distributed Twitter this Thursday to thank La Beaujoire society and especially support groups who actively participated in the design and implementation of various celebrations, honoring Emiliano Island:

15:04 – Cabella explains why he doesn't set his goal

Yesterday, as a result of the launch of Nantes Saint-Etienne, author Rémy Cabella celebrated his goal while he was limited. "If I celebrate there, it really is a lack of respect," he said after the meeting, "Nobody would have celebrated the team (…) It is beautiful what it was tonight is a football match, but really is something else and special life, we pray for Emiliano Island.

14:50 – Zidan hopes for "miracle" Emiliano Island

Zinedine Zidane yesterday joined La Beaujoire's dignity at Emiliano Sala, sending this message to her Instagram account: "Tonight I look at Nantes, who has an idea of ​​Emiliano's family and club.

13:59 – Khazri: "Football ranks second"

Wahbi Khazri, a striker from Saint-Etienne, a mixed zone last night: "Both teams had a great idea about Emiliano Island because they gave him good dignity, he deserves he really is a good person, on the field and out, I give all my thoughts for my family, because I know it's not easy, he was a son, a brother, and there are things that are more serious in life than what we do there for 90 minutes, we must not forget (…) Personally, I really had problems with this game, we hear the songs in his honor, it was a weird evening in football, but as I said it ranks second.

13:31 – Rongier doesn't want to redistribute Emiliano Island number 9

FC Nantes captain Valentin Rongier also impressed after last night's race against Saint-Etienne, of course, referring to Emiliano Sala's respect: "This morning, it's three moments: returning to the field, the 9th minute, and the end of going around the stadium, because We saw all the fans sing the word Emi and remind us of many things. not for my competence, but honestly, I think we should not re-assign number 9 so Emi would always be with us. We were afraid of this game, but it's good to repeat it to our viewers, not the more we are tired, the more we came to think about it, and it allowed us to skip the horses in the second half. "

13:19 – banner in Spanish, honoring Emiliano Island

The huge tifo, representing the Argentine flag, Emiliano Island's native country, last night covered the whole grandfather of the Loire de la Beaujoire and was accompanied by the following message: "Emiliano, esta noche, hinchada alienta con acento argentino", in French, "Emiliano, tonight audience encourages Argentine accent ":

13:00 – McKay's revelation of the disappearance of Emiliano Sala

Agent Willie McKay, who mediated with his son Mark, at the time of handing over Emiliano Sala to Cardiff, today speaks in columns L & # 39; s Equipe. He gives his version of the facts about preparing a trip from Sala de Nantes to Cardiff. According to him, when Sala said he wanted to return to Nantes to meet his former teammates, Cardiff's club offered him a commercial flight by correspondence, and Father and Son McKay advised Argentina to accept the release of a private plane faster. "When you spend 17 million euros on a player, you are not offered a flight to EasyJet," says Willie Mckay. The agent then explains that he contacted David Henderson to suggest the aircraft to try, but L & # 39; s Equipe states that the latter "for some unknown reason proposes a mission to another pilot David Ibbotson". The latter agrees to take Sala de Cardiff to Nantes and then bring him back to Wales. The following is more strange. According to Mckay, David Ibbotson lost his credit card, and Sala is forced to book the Ibbotson hotel nights in Nantes, and finally David Henderson, of England, manages to pay. space, but also airline costs such as airport taxes. "Because it was Henderson's bank card, everyone thought he was on the plane," says McKay.

12:50 – Halilodzic shocking image of Sala in dignity

FC Nantes coach Vahid Halilodich's tears, honoring Emiliano Island, last night moved many viewers and spectators.


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