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Milk: Moroccan consumption under the WHO standard


The Economist | 11/11/2018 – 20:30 | part
Milk: Moroccan consumption under the WHO standard

Morocco consumes an average of 59 liters of milk per year (2014 figures), which is a significant amount, however, lower than the international standard recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to HCP, national average consumption is 11 points lower than the WHO recommended amount. The consumption gap is also very significant. Urban population accounts for almost twice as much milk and milk as rural people, although production is concentrated in rural areas. In addition, according to HCP, more than 50% of milk consumption refers to fresh milk, including pasteurized milk, 16% whey and 14% cheese.

For milk powder, it is little consumed or 0.7 liters per capita per year. On average, per capita consumption of milk and dairy products has risen by 1% per year, from DH 366.5 in 2007 to DH 390.3 in 2014.

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