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MADICKÉ IN TOUBA ŠIS February 3 / Idy renounces the "THREE" war and, first, leaves the task of two opponents to appreciate their popularity in the city

The "Three" War in Touba will finally not take place on 3 February between Macky Sall, Idrissa Seck and Me Madické Niang. Three candidates, at their headquarters, felt that their election campaign had begun. presidential election in the religious city on February 24th. Starting with Touba and Mbacke, his campaign is an important geostrategic choice that they do not want to miss, obviously … Touba, claiming that his three hundred thousand voters and religious people in fact, whether they admit it or not, each they had to use the sensitive fibers of the local people.

Only this & # 39; & # 39; THREE & # 39; & # 39; The war will definitely be offline, as the former prime minister and former Mayor of Tiju decided to give up the temptation by choosing to go to Tia. To find out more, Dakaractu turned to the Rewmi Deputy Representative at the local level, who confirmed the editing of the calendar, as he thought it was necessary to avoid any telescopes capable of causing interference.

Manel Fall was confident that Rewmi had set a high price to start Toub, but in the end it was saved to make some changes. Only our interlocutor will provide us with a number of other reasons for postponement. "In addition to the telescope that was to be avoided, it is also the case that President Idrissa Seck does not want to miss the charming Mbacké Kajoor in favor of Thiès first. Manel continued: "We will mobilize more than President Macky Sall. And sharing with him in the same place and on the same day could prevent some from showing that all Touba is behind our candidate. Women's associations are already involved, as are religious leaders. We need to better perceive the electorate and not jeopardize the peace of the people who have possible pilots, which would undoubtedly have happened. Before the meeting, President Idrissa Seck will visit the religious city of Thiawene, Darou Marnane, Touba … "

Asking Sémou Thioune to leave Sheikh Abdou Bali Mbacké, Manel regrets this loss before hoping for the return of Serigne Gallas Kaltom. Sericite Galass Kaltom remembers his meeting in Porocan with Idrissa Secku Serigne Moussa Nawel, Serigne Moustapha El Hadj Bara and Omar Bousso Guédé Bousso. "He will also say he has great hopes of seeing Serigne Fallou Mbacké, the current chairman of the County Council of Mbacké, joining Idie in 2019.

In short, Idy preferred a player in this direct duel, which will take place on February 3, with Macky Sall with Me Madické Niang.

Three days before the deadline, Mackysts has planned to win an opponent, no matter what it is. Launching the Call to Mobilize, Serigne Sheikh Abdou Lahad Mbacké Gaïndé camp chose to cut Madické's threat. & # 39; & # 39;
Bathie Sogue believes that St. Louisian will be drowned, announcing "a tremendous effort on 3 February to hear President Mackie Sall". MP Abdou Lahad Seck Sadaga, despite his health recovery, "Madické will not." from Religious City & # 39; & # 39; will take the opportunity to show their gratitude to his charity. & # 39; & # 39;

It is known that 10 electoral commissions have been established with "mobilization mechanisms" such as Sokhna Mame Say Mbacke, Abdou Lahad Ka, Aida Gaye, Moustapha Seck, Matar Diop, Alla Sylla, Gallo Ba, mayors of rural municipalities and others.

We Madické Niang, we are laughing to feel that the opponent is no longer calm. "We are waiting for thousands of activists. There are already 700 people who asked for more than 5 cars. As the sky would have fallen on my head. I admit that I lack the financial means to meet all the demand. This shows that the Touba people have decided now we have heard that threats are being taken against carriers who would agree to escort Madické militants to the Chauffeurs et Transporter group, only they do not know that the conviction is that citizens will expect a candidate for hope. & # 39; # 39;

About Moustapha Diouf Lambaye, "The emergence of force in the opening of Madické 2019 in Mbacke is enough to damage all Benno Bokk Yaakar's sleep."
The Reecu Movement Manager, who declares that he has already given 100 cars, reminds that "Touba will never vote for Macky and that people will support Madické massively. Touba loves Madické for reasons he won't mention. that President Wade will come to support his candidate.

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