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Macky Sall: Don't Overdo It !!!

"Violence is the Last Shelter of incompetence" (Isaac Asimov)

We believe that Macky Sall is / would be a complete denial of reality, which is well reflected in Emmanuel Kant's aphorism, namely "holding power inevitably disrupts the cause".

Without the risk of being contradictory, it can be said that President Macky Sall has denied or abandoned most of his commitments, namely the moral pact signed with people. He has also tried, imprisoned and expelled Karim Wade, just like a judge and Khalifa Sall. Similarly, according to his instructions, the Constitutional Council decided to remove some potential candidates in the presidential elections in February and March 2019. Today, he is returning to the militant chestnut fire. "But with all these different events, people have always been passionate about fear or respect for the authorities, or maybe silently waiting to be democratically questioned (???).

With continuous intimidation and provocation, Macky Sall mistakenly believed that the political opposition would consist of nihilists who were ready to follow him in the field, excitement and cruelty to write the Republic about institutional instability. Undoubtedly, he was given the opportunity to "tacitly" renew the new president's lease, which proved to be completely wrong.

So all his gestures are / will be in vain, people who commit (take over) their fate are unstoppable, and the concussion or seizures that preceded the departure of the Zaire force or Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali (Tunisia) confirm our statement. However, unlike the peoples of these two countries, which are cited as examples, Senegal seems to be committed to a soft path, pacifism, which will be put to the vote in February and March this year.

Despite the assessment of President Macky Sall's behavior or speculative analysis, we can, however, conclude from his consent, a degree of danger that he supported such an organization. Because militia is almost mechanically synonymous with violence, ultimately "fire chestnuts" are created for terrorist purposes (indirectly or explicitly). In addition, Mame Mbaye Niang had not admitted that he had accepted large weapons. However, it should be remembered that violence or terrorism is a consequence of "invalidity" or incompetence, and these "binomial" concepts such as violence and invalidity are often essential.

Republicans, Democrats and, of course, legally, we do not want, and we are not looking for the chaos of the Republic. Of course, Macky Sall is the first representative of the nation inside and out, but he is by no means the Republic. However, we are keen for him to go about doing it evenly, without the slightest sedation, otherwise he has to be seriously afraid of the threat that the church collapse might disappear. What is not suitable for everyone, because the restoration of democracy and the rule of law are very difficult. The examples of Libya, Iraq and Syria should inspire us to think very deeply about how to lead the fight against Macky Sall or about fighting him.

However, we do not make sense to say that we have to give his provocations without a proportionate response. That is why we are campaigning and defending the democratic uprising in elections, giving citizens the opportunity / peaceful expression on 24 February 2019. Democracy 'violence' requires surveys. This is the case if the candidate, even the outgoing president, does not receive any doubt or is not subject to serious disputes. In our opinion, there would be / would be a violent result without an invitation, which would happen, for example, with a very different voice difference, which means that it remains to him that his field.

By creating "fire chestnuts", Macky Sall tries to terrorize people rather than leave power, and his militia is one of the elements to achieve or achieve. Often, the last baroudi are always the most dangerous in their efforts to preserve power, especially when quiet, most people have decided to take away their destiny.

So, we agree that the comparison is not correct, but there is a reason for the comparison. That means Nicolae Ceau? The fall of Escu (with his Securitate) or Jean-Claude Duvalier said: "Baby Doc" (with his Tonton Macoute) are all the examples to be taken into consideration to underestimate the "chestnut" chances of action or malfunction. Militia is still a militia, and it must be handled in the most damaging sense, its constitution in a civilized society, among other things, the police and / or the organized army in no way receive our approval.

In a country, we, with a very formal combatant ("chestnuts"), have formed for or in the service of the ruling party (APR). But above all, the anointing of the President of the Republic (Macky Sall), who is trying to legitimize it. Even if the mission entrusted to it was "peaceful", its creation is, however, reprehensible, even illegal. And to say, if the political opposition followed the followers of Macky Sall, creating their own militia.

In conclusion, let us not be so naive, believe or think that this "big arms" troops are simply proven to frighten and detain. The historiography of similar groups in the world shows that very often these people are ready to fulfill the mission they have been accepted and trained to make the terror of reign. We are keen to deceive ourselves that demonstrating the forces of the exhibition, the "fire chestnut" militia, is only to intimidate the political opposition.

Finally, like Jean-Paul Sartre, we say that 'violence is not a means to reach the end, but a deliberate choice to reach an end by any means'.


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