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LuxairTours are already thinking about the summer and the holidays

The Luxembourg tourist operator has presented his catalog "The Summer Vacation 2019", which is available this Wednesday at Greater Travel Agencies, and evaluated last year.

But before thinking about the upcoming holidays, LuxairTours has made quite a positive assessment last year. "As long as the winter season is not over, we are already very pleased with our latest arrival in the winter catalog, namely Ras al-Khaimah, and I hope to return to this destination in our winter 2019/2020" Alberto Kunkel commented before LuxairTours continues Alberto Kunkel: "LuxairTours was a very good year, compared to 2017, rising by 9%, a total of about 700,000 people. Regarding travel packages, here again we recorded 11% and 6% increase in dry flights."

In the news area next summer, the Luxembourg tourist operator offers its customers in Menorca and Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain, Split, Croatia and Mars Alam, Egypt. "Marsa Alam is a" new old destination, "if I can do it in this way. We can see that Egypt is very successful. Currently, our first figures about Egypt show an almost 200% increase in demand," said the director of the Luxembourg tourist operator.

It should be said that the instability of this country has led to a sharp decrease in the number of tourists. "We see a net profit from a demand of this type of destination, as in Tunisia, with an increase of 70% of the bookings. Another momentous success Turkey, which knows very well the demand for at least three flights a week in Antalya," – confirmed without the unpleasant Alberta Kunkel

Two young Boeing

It also emphasized that the services offered by the tour operator and hotel services need to improve the quality: "We received the new ISO 9001: 2015 certificate, which is currently the highest certificate for quality requirements." This certification is not just a formality, because in order to achieve this, we still had to make an effort, including our quality department. "

The Luxair Group will also welcome two new aircraft in its fleet. The first Boeing B737-700 in March and the second in May. "These two new aircraft will strengthen our capabilities for multiple destinations, both LuxairTours and Luxair Airlines, as the airplane will be divided between the two units," said LuxairTours director.

Before explaining the use of the second aircraft: "The second plane will be a" reserve plane. "This means that the device will be used in case of a violation. This will be a very important aircraft, because this year we have seen a lot of problems in European airspace, between strike and bad weather We therefore believe that for a fleet like Luxair it is essential for it to have an alternative aircraft in order to overcome a variety of problems that may occur throughout the year, as is already the case. Our Bombardier Q400 ".

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