Monday , August 19 2019
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Khalifa Sall introduced a dilemma

Khalifa Sall, a newly nominated candidate for the Constitutional Council, despite his appellants' appeal to confirm his candidacy for the Senegalese presidency, on February 24, 2019, has been caught by opposition candidates.

With the exception of Issa Sall from the Unity and Rally Party (PUR), Idrissa Seck, Oumane Sonko and Macdické Niang, visited the former Dakar Mayor Rebeus in prison; where he lives for two years as part of the misappropriation of public funds of FF 1.8 billion from Dakar's mayor.

All of these candidates have promised to release him as soon as they are elected on 24 February 2019. But, according to Les Echos, the source is close, Mr Sall has not yet promised. "All the mayor has told them that he will first consult the base because he is not the one who makes the decisions himself," says a close friend.

This race against him to get his support puts Khalifa Sall in a dilemma. In general, his position will be revealed in the coming days.

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