Sunday , February 28 2021

"It's a catastrophe" – LACTUACHO.COM

Former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Economics, Finance and Planning Ngouda Fall Kane and National Coordinator of Diam Ak Khéweul, who received me as mamu Adam Gueier in his house in Maristhe, started his salt grains under the leadership of the government of Makkah this week on November 14. In his opinion, she was blinking.

"It's a catastrophe. Senegal should stand up as one man to drive Macky Sall and destroyed that country with these men, pulling away economics and democracy." These comments were made by Ngouda Fall Kane on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, when she was home to Mame Adama Gueye received as part of his visit to the opposition leaders to exchange, share and think about how to ensure the presidential elections of 24 February 2019 in order to avoid what happened during the legislative elections.

"My mum Adam Gueye is a brave person who not only knows the right but he understands it," he said. Before adding: "I fully agree with the idea he has achieved to ensure the presidential election." What should be done on two levels. This is the security of the voting places, which is the responsibility of the state, which must call the army, the police and gendarmerie, in order to ensure the security of the property, as well as people in the polls. The second element, he says, is the security of information from surveys. According to him, "It's time for Macky Sall to go away". And the fact that the Senegalese sponsor is "mistaken" that "killed Senegalese democracy".

The Diam Ak-Khéweul party coordinator continues to actively speak to anyone who wants to hear "Macky is one of the poorest presidents in Africa" ​​and that candidates are exhausted financially, physically and morally due to sponsorship, while creating all the conditions that will allow him to re-election. "If we do not pay attention to installing the device, just like what Me Mame Adama Gueye offered, we will have problems," he warns, while pointing out that "Managing Macky Sall is the worst management". I, Mama Adama Gueye, said that the inserted file is a national farm. And calls on Senegal to fight to regain their biometric identity cards. "We are faced with an attack on democracy. And we do not want to cancel it, the future of our democracy is the legacy for which it is meant," he said. According to him, this coercive process will not happen and that "our wealth is not gas or oil, but a social cause and social stability". The latter also revealed that he would never take confidence in this government, although the past president has spent a lot of money on the latest-generation riots that are being bought in Turkey. "His Republican duty is to ensure normal conduct, the security of the ballot and to assume the neutrality of the Republicans," he said against the head of state.

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