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Investigation Between Ghosts of Thousand Mountain Land – La Libre Afrique

British actress Michaela Coel is embracing the geopolitical and psychological thriller of "Black Earth Rising" by Hugo Blick, which comes to Rwanda's history center. Miniseries that are full of sophistication and shades to see Netflix.

Kate is a forensic researcher. Visiting a psychologist for a deep depression, she emerges as cash, scathing, no filter, and sometimes even cynical. In the UK, her adopted mother, a young woman, a Rwandan genocide survivor, is still very disturbed.
And the fact that her mother, a prominent lawyer, has decided to sue General Simon Nyamoya, the former RPF (Rwandan Patriotic front) hero in the International Criminal Court, is still poisoning the relationship between the two women. Kate is literally from her: "You should be held accountable for the genocide that is still hiding in the Congo, not the one who stopped mass murder in 1994." This process revives her deep wounds.

Key political issues

With its dense start, promoted by beautiful diving and growing first episodes, the mini series Black Earth Rising *** announces its goals right from the start. It reveals a piece of drawer that reveals a new layer of complex and nuanced reality in each of the eight episodes. Everything is literally related to Michaela Coel's interpretation of an actress who is a heartbeat, a determined and wise intensity. Not far from the crazy adulescente that made him famous in this series Chewing gumor his role in the upcoming welcome series Black mirror. Actresses also support the perfect John Goodman (aka Michael Ennis).

Director, Producer and Screenwriter, Hugo Blick, who has shaken his shoulders with the powder barrel of the Middle East in the past, with his previous huge geopolitical series – Dear Woman (2014) by Maggie Gyllenhaal (Deuce), with a great deal of clarity and sophistication, the controversial relationship maintained by the Western countries (France, the United Kingdom, the United States) with Africa (Rwanda, but also the Democratic Republic of Congo).
The series deals in particular with the highly controversial natureTurquoise action French, but also how justice is done in The Hague and around the world. When some war criminals are called to account and some are not.

Focusing on ruined memory, agreement with history, confusion of feelings, tragedy of child soldiers and survivors' loss, Black earth is growing a wide range of people's perceptions that can be addressed by a diverse audience.

Illuminating diving in African geopolitics

Under the guidance of these young women looking for answers and its roots, the survey knows many turns. Performance is often narrowed or misleading and leads to a political and psychological thriller that, despite mixing words and emotions, never releases its perception.

Although the piece is partly fictitious, it closely follows the history of thousands of mountainous countries to offer an enlightening and worrying reflection. Especially in the way that genocide continues to poison the lives of all survivors by blending guilt, dull anger, bitterness or resentment.

Particularly mentioning the use of animation in scenes of memory or reconstruction, everything is going to be amazing You want it darker from Leonard Cohen in the form of credits. Originally, the BBC series is available on Netflix already on Friday.

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