Monday , August 19 2019
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Idrissa Seck is called Karim Wade

Candidates were forced by a presidential maneuver to prevent Macky from being re-elected. And in the nomination of Idrissa Seck, a large alliance appears. Bok Gis-Gisa Pope Diop, Hadjibou Soumar, Karim Wade, Thierno Alassane Sall, Khalifa Sall agrees to support the nomination of Idrissa Seck, informs the witness. Only in the newspaper is nothing official. These are only the sketches of alliances to be held in Paris and the associations to be implemented in Senegal. The newspaper adds that Idrissa Seck's phone call to Karim Wadi for dinner seems to have caused this coalition.
According to the witness, Guem Sa Bopp, the leader of Bougane Gueye Dany, would be responsible for attracting support to support Idy2019. Malick Gakou also became Idrissa Secku recruiter, says L & # 39; s. Who reports that the Big Party leader has visited Aïda Mbodj to persuade him to support Idrissa Seck.

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