Monday , March 1 2021

Human capital index: mixed results for Senegal

Dakar, November 13 (APS) – World Bank (WB) Operations Director Senegal Louise Corda made a contrasting assessment on Senegal's Human Capital Index (HIC) performance on Tuesday.

"Senegal's performance on the Human Capital Index (HIC) is also mixed, taking into account the indicators taken into account and other additional variables," she said, reviewing the portfolio of the WB's operations in Senegal.

It reveals that Senegal has recorded "relatively good performance in terms of nutrition and survival, with the lowest stopping rate in Africa – 17%."

However, "unsatisfactory results" were noted for "education", "children who stay at school less than their partner in Africa" ​​and "insufficient progress for mother, newborn and reproductive health" she regretted.

According to Senegalese operations chiefs, "human capital is at the heart of development potential".

The new WB ICH, noted by Louise Cord, shows that the Senegal scale from 0 to 1 gets a score of 0.42. This means that the cohort of children born today will "reach only 42% of its productivity potential until the age of 18 if education and health trends remain unchanged," she warned.

In her view, this indicator places the country as "121 out of 157 countries", "slightly above the average African sub-Saharan African region (0.40) but below the middle income countries". […]& # 39; & # 39;

However, thanks to the partnership with the World Bank, "Senegal is striving today to create youth productivity opportunities and use next-generation demographic dividends," she said.

"Through our partnership with the government (…), we also fund a project to improve the employment of young people through informal education in order to support young people's creativity and productivity, including girls," she said.

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