Monday , June 5 2023

Headlines in Action: Tilray, Home Capital, MedMen, Adidas, BMW, Zara …


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The shocking resignation of US prosecutor Jeff Sessions has sparked sparks in the US hemp industry, against which he was heavily opposed. British Columbia manufacturer listed on Nasdaq Tilray (TLRY, $ 138.46 U $) increases by 23% at the end of the trading session, while the US-based stock exchange Alternative yield (MJ, $ 36.58) is 6.7%.

Alternative lender Starting Capital (HCG, $ 17.24), which owned 20% of Warren Buffet, surprises investors with all their investments. His actions increased by 22%. In the third place, the company not only surpasses expectations, but announces a massive redemption of 16% or 300 million shares. Profit of $ 0.41 per share is 12% higher than projected by National Bank Financial with better return than expected. Jaime Gloyn expects the return of dividends in 2019 to be about $ 0.43 per share. The analyst increases his target price from $ 15.50 to $ 18.50, but does not recommend buying shares because its outlook is unpredictable. "Without raising interest rates, buying shares and removing costs, his business model can not be better than a return on equity of 10% or less," he writes. .

Cannabis was one of the biggest winners in the November 6 legislative elections, as Michigan, Missouri and Utah voted to legalize cannabis for medical or recreational use, while new cannabis leaders were elected to Colorado, Illinois and Nevada, says Canaccord Genuity. The democratic majority of the House of Representatives also improves the opportunity to get the green light for the cultivation of hemp. The names of American manufacturers responded very little after the elections, in addition to the events in the stock market. Charlotte's Web (CWEB, USD 17.30) and 1933 industry (TGIF, $ 0.49) would best benefit from the reform of agricultural law, according to analyst Bobby Burleson. MedMed (MMEN, $ 7.62) is the best placement in Michigan after purchasing PharmaCann. MedMen is also located in Nevada Planet 13 (PLTH, USD 3.12) and 1933. In 2019 the US industry sells 22 times the planned revenues on the stratosphere.

German sports equipment supplier Adidas(ADS, EUR 202.20) in the third quarter reported a net increase of 19%, reaching € 656 million (€ 984 million), which led him to increase the annual target for profitability. This is better than a consensus among analysts, for which Factset questioned the quarterly forecast net income of 612 million euros. Thanks to the favorable results of the first nine months of the year, the Herzogenaurach Group, which owns Adidas and Reebok brands, is currently targeting annual net profits of 1.72 billion to 1.66 billion euros. This corresponds to a one-year increase of 16 to 20%, a forecast of 13 to 17%.

German automobile manufacturer BMW(BMW, € 75.47) on Wednesday released the sharp third-quarter net profit covered by the new anti-pollution WLTP standards, sales disputes and mass recall. Between July and September, the Group's profit amounted to 1.4 billion euros ($ 2.1 billion), down 23.9% compared to the third quarter of 2017, according to analysts' expectations. The actual study, which projected 1.6 billion euros. The Group's turnover increased by 4.7% over the same period to EUR 24.7 billion. Euro. BMW has confirmed its annual targets, which dropped in September due to China-US trade wars and anti-pollution standards. For the automotive industry, the core group, BMW predicts that the operating margin will be "at least 7%" compared to the previous 8 to 10% and "decrease slightly" in the annual sales volume for the year, a slight increase is expected.

Spanish group Inditex Wednesday announced that by the year 2020 a digital platform for opening its brand Zara to 106 new markets, mainly in Africa, has been set up, an important step towards reaching the goal of online participation worldwide by 2020. "This milestone means that Zara brand collections are now available in 202 markets in general," Inditex said in a statement, adding that the platform will be open on Thursday. "Most of these new markets are in Africa, including Angola, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal and Ghana. In addition, the online store is starting to surrender in many parts of the Caribbean and Indonesia," said a group specializing in the "fast fashion" model. This model consists of 60% of the clothing, which is relatively close to the headquarters in Europe and the Maghreb, so that after fifteen days, shelves that fit the fashion trends can be used.

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