Tuesday , June 22 2021

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When it is not adjusted. The Livs began their reunion with Malabo at 1the era a training session led by Aliou Cissé, on Tuesday in Malabo. Remember that Senegal meets with Equatorial Guinea on Saturday, November 17th, as part of the CAN 2019 qualification.

This is twice as common. It is extremely rarely to come out of playing this force without going along, just as it's almost impossible to get out of the arena without a lost ball or the goal of Gag stamped in Senegal that could shake a magician's disciple. . For example, in the current game, the main bout is marked elsewhere.
Having lost the ball without fail is still rarely faced with an important game until there are those that appear before the goals.

If the last training took place without monsters, such as Diao Baldé, it simply means that they were not targeted.
But, as mentioned by Petit Poucet, vice president of federation talking about forgotten emails, but for unclear reasons, we expect a response from Equatorial Guinea's return.
Is that right for us?


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