Saturday , January 29 2022

fishing gear removed in Switzerland after many accidents


In Switzerland, Lime, a car rental company, had to stop servicing electric scooters after several accidents, resulting in more or less serious bodily injuries.

Scooters are no longer toys!

At least those who drive 30 km / h to carry a person from point A to point B in a rental car. "Allowed" to drive sidewalks, these vehicles are very dangerous and not just in Paris.

But if the accident is no longer a corridor noise, Basel and Zurich residents in Switzerland were the victims of another problem: for no apparent reason their scooter Lime-S would have suddenly braked – it could have catastrophic consequences when driving at 30 km / h. As a result, several accidents involving more or less serious bodily injuries have been highlighted, forcing the company to remove the scooter from traffic while the problem is solved.

Using local media WatsonLime reported that the error was related to downloading an update for each machine's internal program by mistakenly activating the anti-theft system in full competition. To compensate for the damage, Swiss customers would have received a 15-minute coupon free of charge. At the moment, we do not know if only Switzerland had concerns about this "cruel update", or if it affected other cities.

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