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FIDAK 2018: "Biodiversity Space" announced to endangered species of exhibits

Dakar, November 28 (APS). International Center for Foreign Trade (CICES) will develop a "Biodiversity Space" to capture endangered species of plants and animals In the 2018 edition of the Dakar International Fair (FIDAK) announced its Director-General, Sheikh Ndiaju.

"We cooperate with the Ministry of the Environment, which has welcomed the idea of ​​creating a biodiversity space, and the ministry is ready to survive us with animal and plant species," he said. interview with APS.

According to Cheikh Ndiaye, this exhibition, the first of FIDAK, whose 2018 edition will take place from 29 November to 16 December, will at the same time be "a pedagogical, educational and educational aspect".

In his view, "many people know that there are endangered species, but they do not have the physical knowledge of these species, and FIDAK will give them the opportunity to see one or the other species that is threatened with extinction."

Visitors will be able to see among the many animal species exhibited "a unique antilope that exists only in Senegal all over the world" as well as the lions "young, active and energetic".

Shik Ndiajejs, referring to "innovation," announced that CICES, in cooperation with a company specializing in emerging technologies, will first introduce an innovation called E-FIDAK.

According to him, this E-FIDAK will consist of "displaying the exhibition", ie at the level of direct sales, at the level of scientific forums at B to B meetings, at least in all sectors of the fair industry, and constantly spread it at the level of digital platforms. "

With this new system, it's now possible to "keep up to date, enter the pavilion in real time from home".

"You will also see that the big screens will be placed everywhere to allow people to circulate, watch and see what's happening in a particular pavilion or place," he added.

Similarly, CICES, in collaboration with social and administrative services, "has generally created administrative document placements, as well as websites for endemic diseases such as diabetes, arterial cancers of tension, cervical cancer, breast cancer or AIDS," said the Director-General.

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