Wednesday , March 22 2023

Facebook announces investment of $ 300 million in journalism


New York (AWP / AFP) – Facebook will invest $ 300 million over three years in various projects related to journalism, including announcing local news that is particularly suffering from the digital revolution, said Tuesday.

"We will continue to fight false information (+ false news +), incorrect information, and poor quality information," explained in a report published on Facebook, Campbell Brown, vice president of media partnership, "but we also have the opportunity and responsibility help the local media to grow and succeed. "

In early January 2017, the social network has already launched a "Facebook journalism project", in particular to "strengthen the platform's links" with the media industry.

At the time, it was basically to offer media solutions to improve the income they have gained from their presence on Facebook and to develop exchanges between social networking and media.

The amount invested in this initiative was not disclosed.

The platform, with 2.2 billion active users, has decided to go much further, using many existing projects that will be implemented in this case.

Facebook will, among other things, set up a special fund, in partnership with the $ 5 million Pulitzer Center, to support local media reporting projects.

In March 2018, Google also announced the placement of $ 300 million on a number of projects designed to combat false information and support media that are believed to be credible.

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