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Euronext: NASDAQ opposes EURONEXT on the acquisition of the Oslo Stock Exchange

The Oslo Stock Exchange was announced at the beginning of January, while other candidates were interested outside Euronext, which had made a buy-out offer at the end of December. If the British Evening Standard appeared last week at the London Stock Exchange Oslo Brs VPS, the bidding finally came from the Atlantic Ocean, Nasdaq, which already plays an important role in the Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden, the Baltic States This rival's hiding lies in Euronext's collection, which fell by 1 , 74% to € 53.55.

The US Stock Exchange proposes to buy Oslo Brs VPS shares for 152 Norwegian kroner, which is 5% more than Euronext's offer offering 145 kronor. Nasdaq's offer appreciates EUR 674 million on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Euronext has indicated that it has irrevocable shareholder support, which accounts for 50.5% of the share capital of the Oslo Stock Exchange and launched its offer on 14 January. AOF asks, the European Securities Exchange does not want to comment.

Nasdaq's offer appreciates the Oslo Stock Exchange for $ 770 million. Nasdaq is proud of the support of the Board of Directors and General Management of the Oslo Stock Exchange. They decided unanimously to recommend shareholders to accept the American group offer and not accept Euronext's offer.

In addition, two major shareholders of Oslo Brs, DNB and CAP have agreed to transfer their shares. In total, Nasdaq received irrevocable aprons, accounting for 35.11% of Oslo stock exchange capital.

For UBS, local regulators could play a crucial role in determining the outcome of this competition. They know they have four months to decide whether Euronext is an appropriate and appropriate stock market operator. Despite the final result, the analyst believes that the support of the Board of Directors and 35% of shareholders in Nasdaq's offer should be assessed on the basis of a decision by the regulators.

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